A child's bedroom as a playroom

A child's bedroom as a playroom

Of course the child's bedroom must be a space conducive to a good nights sleep but it should not be forgotten that during the day, this room is mainly a games room and a field of expression. Also, we do not hesitate to create a space dedicated to games in the bedroom to the delight of the little ones. Discover 10 ideas in pictures.

A small table to taste it

Ikea So that your little girl can have tea with her dolls or with her friends, we can set up a small table in the center of the room. It will then be his play area so that his bedroom corresponds to his universe.

A creative table

Ikea If your child is a budding artist, we have a small table for drawing and we especially think of storage drawers that will store all the material.

A carpet on the floor

Ikea So that your child can settle down with his different toys, remember to free up space on the floor. To make the space more comfortable, you just need to add a soft carpet which will then be a real playground.

A thematic carpet

Maisons du monde You can also install a carpet that will serve as a play area. We choose a hopscotch for little girls and a car circuit for little boys.

A tent in the room

Ikea So that your child has a play area separate from the sleeping area, you can offer him a pretty little tent in fabric or cardboard which will be his play area and which will allow him to invent beautiful stories.

A studious atmosphere

Maisons du monde For children who love to play at school, we set up a studious space in the children's room with a desk and a table to set the scene. The advantage is that it can also be used for real homework.

A small living room

Maisons du monde So that your children think they are grown-ups, we can offer them mini armchairs to create a living room where they will sit down to read great stories.

A play area bed

Maisons du monde For the entire bedroom to be transformed into a play area, you can also opt for a bed that will allow them to develop their imagination. With this cabin bed, the whole bedroom is a playground.

Furniture games

But Finally, in this room, it is the furniture that will be used as toys thanks to the slate surfaces that will allow him to write on the end of the bed or on the wardrobe.