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Chrysanthemum, it would be a shame to retain only its use as a flower in cemeteries. When we manage to go beyond its symbolism in our country, we rediscover a most interesting plant. It is one of the few to bloom in the fall; in this it helps to make the transition between the luxuriance of summer and the harshness of winter. And what a bloom than hers: generous, vibrant, and what's more, available in a wide range of colors and shapes! The chrysanthemums beautifully echo the foliage of the trees which are also adorned with shimmering hues in the fall. By cultivating them, it is thus possible to instill in the garden a magnificent gaiety before the start of the long winter sleep.

Autumn winter pink and yellow chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé This variety shows subtlety, both by its petals tinged with yellow at the base and its flowers which offer a nice shades of pink.

Fall winter white chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé The advantage of white chrysanthemum? Like all flowers of this shade, it is very bright, making it one of the last flowers to "go out" when night falls.

Fall winter patchwork chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé When you don't know which shade to choose, why not take them all? When mixed, the flowering of the chrysanthemum is even more spectacular.

Autumn winter pink chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé The round and generous shape of the chrysanthemum feet is reminiscent of that of boxwood topiaries.

Autumn winter pink chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé Closely observed, the chrysanthemum flowers turn out to be of great beauty, like this variety - cousin of the Mammoth Yellow Quill - whose petals are reminiscent of ship oars ...

Autumn winter yellow chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé Some varieties, with their warm palette, are a vibrant tribute to autumn!

Fall winter pale pink chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé What roundness and sweetness in the varieties in the shape of pompoms!

Fall winter red chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé Certain varieties have, by their shape, a resemblance to the daisy. While this is one of the first flowers of spring, the chrysanthemum, for its part, leads the way before the vegetation awakens the following year.

Autumn winter yellow chrysanthemums

J-F. Mahé Besides its most abundant flowering, which does not fail to impress in the chrysanthemum, it is the vigor of its flowers carried by a straight and robust stem which seems driven by a real thirst for life.