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Patterns of old roses bloom in the house

Patterns of old roses bloom in the house

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With the approach of spring, it is in the garden that the decor draws its inspiration. It blossoms as if by magic so that you feel inside and out, with a little fondness for old roses.

Old roses on the wallpaper

Ikéa ### Here is a personalized dressing table corner with wallpaper, and not just any! It is adorned with black old roses on a white background, between retro look and feminine air.

Old roses on napkins

Society ### The natural note of this table, nicely set and full of sweetness? The napkins adorned with flowers that blend perfectly with the old pink tablecloth.

Old roses on the curtains

Ikéa ### The window dressing is enhanced by the delicacy of old roses, white on a black background however for a more modern look.

Old roses on the wallpaper

Saint Maclou ### Another version of a wallpaper on which roses have bloomed. On the other hand, no black on white for this model which claims above all a natural style with as flagship color: linen. The rendering is full of sweetness…

Old roses on the sofa

Ikéa ### At the foot of the garden, we have created a small country nest in which we breathe natural well-being. It is therefore no coincidence that a sofa in bloom with pink and red roses has been placed in the room!

Old roses on the wallpaper

Harlequin ### On an old yellow background, silhouettes of roses bloomed on a little retro air.

Old roses on the blinds

Ikéa ### When we roll up the blinds, surprise! Pretty black flowers on a white background scroll as they are lowered. A poetry that leaves you dreaming…

Old roses on the wallpaper

Habitat ### Definitely, the wallpaper never ceases to embalm our interior! Here, it is on a black background that roses in vintage colors seize the walls…

Old roses on the plaid

Delamaison ### For the bedroom of little or even big girls, we love this cottony plaid covered with pink roses.


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