40 do-it-yourself Advent calendars

40 do-it-yourself Advent calendars

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Exit the Advent Kinder calendar! This year, we are changing our habits! invites you to prepare Christmas differently by making your own Advent calendar using DIY spotted on Pinterest. Discover 40 original or unusual calendar ideas. Draw, roll up your sleeves and get started!

Bags hanging on a string

Mister + Madam On one or two strings fixed to the wall by simple push pins, we hang 24 pretty colored sachets with 24 small clothespins… Simple and effective, provided that the small gifts are light! If the children are too impatient, we can also replace the sachets with closed envelopes. The tutorial and the boards to download are available here.

Messages slipped into copper tubes

Growing spaces Favorite for this ultra-decorative advent calendar made with copper sleeves bought in a DIY store (or a copper tube cut with a hacksaw if you want to tinker!). Obviously, the gifts should fit on a rolled up sheet of paper, but that makes you want to offer "good for", declarations of love or coloring, right? The tutorial is here

Mini gifts slipped in nutshells

Pinterest This year, you will need to find tiny little gifts to make them fit in 24 nutshells attached to each other by a pretty thread… A pearl, a button, a small candy, a rolled paper… Inspired?

24 paper cones of all sizes

Ernest Home Co. How beautiful this paper advent calendar evokes a real fir forest in winter! To make it, you need to make cones of decorative paper of different sizes (the largest for the 24!), And simply place them on a fireplace or shelf. The full tutorial is here

An advent calendar with tin cans

Pinterest Recycling enthusiasts, this advent calendar will finally allow you to sell your stock of empty cans! Choose 24 cans of different sizes, cover with colored paper and fill them with gifts. A great idea for lovers of large gifts…

An advent calendar with socks

Clémentine La Mandarine Blogger Clémentine la Mandarine offers us this lovely Advent calendar made with socks sewn from recycled fabrics. To do it, the tutorial is here!

24 stars in a salad basket

Pinterest Spotted on Pinterest, this beautiful idea is as simple as it is poetic ... The gifts slip into stars made of kraft paper, and the stars land in a vintage salad basket ... We love it, don't you?

A fir tree with sewn jeans pockets

Pinterest Get your sewing machines! This advent calendar is a bit long to realize, but it will serve many years. 24 cut jeans pockets (or 24 pieces of recycled fabric) are sewn on a large cotton canvas in the shape of a fir tree ... A real Christmas decoration to personalize according to your wishes.

24 paper houses hanging on a branch

Raumdinge Dreamlike, this magnificent advent calendar is achieved simply by hanging small paper houses on a branch ... A real village in the trees to dream until Christmas! The tutorial is here

An ecological calendar

Morning Creativity Do you like an upcycling calendar? We have found for you this tutorial made with rolls of toilet paper, cardboard and kraft paper. More info on this DIY: Morning Creativity

A variable geometry calendar

All for the boys If this Advent calendar in the shape of cubes is made using paper, the originality of the project lies in the patterns that decorate each of the cubes. The result is an evolving calendar that changes depending on how the squares are placed! Nice isn't it? More info on this DIY: All for the boys

An appetizing Advent wreath

Oh happy day Green, pink, red, yellow or fuchsia, sweets are invited for the holidays. As a result, we no longer know where to turn. Assembled in the shape of a Christmas wreath, and made using colored paper, they definitely have everything! To consume without moderation ! More info on this DIY: Oh happy day

A rather inflated Advent calendar!

Ohoh blog Foam cardboard covered with black paper, plastic balloons to inflate and sweets… this is what you will need if you decide to take the plunge. So ready for the challenge? More info on this DIY: Ohoh blog

A fir forest as an Advent calendar

Ebabee These small colored paper trees made using the origami technique are actually an Advent calendar. You are free to fill their jar with small treasures: candies and chocolates. The result ? A fun and elegant calendar! More info on this DIY: Ebabee

A colorful felt calendar

Tell love and party This year, make it original and opt for a fabric model, and more particularly in felt. To achieve it, nothing very complicated. You just have to cut small diamonds in colored felt (yellow, red or fuchsia for example) then fix on each of them triangles of another color. Once this step has been completed, all you have to do is sew each of the two-color diamonds on the support of your choice and suspend your calendar. Now it's your turn to draw the right number! More info on this DIY: Tell love and party

A canned Advent calendar

This little street This year swap your old calendar for this rather unusual model. The nice idea: put your little numbered treats in a box. Made by yourself or bought commercially, it's up to you! More info on this DIY: This little street

The Hanging Stars Advent Calendar

Design Sponge What if we changed the traditional Advent calendar that we hang on the wall? Here, beautiful numbered fabric stars have been hung from a branch. Simply sublime! More info on this DIY: Design Sponge

The small robots calendar

Nexttonicx Small black and red cardboard robots came to slip on a small red string ... The result is an original Advent calendar perfect for our little geeks! More info on this DIY: Nexttonicx

An igloo village as an Advent calendar

Meeha Meeha The art of origami has no secrets for you? We challenge you to make this very cute Advent calendar made with Japanese paper with elaborate patterns. At the editorial office, we literally fell in love. More info on this DIY: Meeha Meeha

Scandinavian calendar

Hëllø and Les Cocottes When it comes to decor, do you swear by the Scandinavian style? That's good, we found you a super tutorial to make you a calendar of the Nordic front. On a white painted board, attach small cardboard boxes then decorate them with a printable in the colors of the far north. Finalize your creation by writing on your immaculate board a sober "hëllø winter." More info on this DIY: Hello Hello

The Through The Moutains calendar

Le Plus Bel Age Quick, quickly, the countdown has started! If you don't have your Advent calendar, there is still time to get started and make it yourself. In total adequacy with the end of year celebrations, why not simply make a calendar in the shape of a mountain using Muji origami papers? * More info on this DIY: Le Plus Bel Age *

A potted advent calendar

Talalilala Recover 'and original! We love this Advent calendar made with empty yogurt pots. To make it easy! After putting aside magazines and newspapers of all kinds, trace, cut and decorate the lids of your pots. Once this task is completed, all you have to do is pierce the jars with a pair of scissors, thread a tie on the back of each one and then garnish them with delicious chocolates. A real breeze! * More info on this DIY: Talalilala *

A calendar in the shape of cones

Zü Here is a great idea to occupy your hands before the arrival of December 1. This calendar in the form of cones to print, will cause a sensation hanging in the tree or in a garland. If you want to make it, it's simple, you just have to print the cones made by the designer Zü. * More info on this DIY: Zü *

A wooden advent calendar

Carnets Parisiens Okay, this Advent calendar is certainly not the easiest to achieve, but if creation has no limits for you, then take the plunge. Know that the most difficult part will be to create the wooden tree. Also to achieve this, you will need a beautiful wooden board, a jigsaw and a sander. Once finished, all you have to do is make the 24 little cartons using a gold marker, a glue gun and of course paper. Nice isn't it? * More info on this DIY: Carnets Parisiens *

A Liberty Advent calendar

Flea market 2 Margote While the flower season ended a few months ago, the liberty motif takes over from the calendars to continue to embalm our daily pastel colors and lightness! Get started by making this pretty calendar designed using small boxes of cereals, scraps of tissue and a little glue. * More info on this DIY: Flea market 2 Margote *

A wall advent calendar

Vanessa Pouzet This year, complete the Advent calendar with the family. If you want to try it, you will have to cut 24 tubes of 5 cm deep of different diameters, while your children will cut small caps in gift paper or tissue paper which they will tape on the tubes using masking tape . Then, you just have to assemble them with wire and rafia, fill them with gifts and hang them on the wall. * More info on this DIY: Vanessa Pouzet *

An Advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree

Trendy and recuperative strawberry milk, impossible to resist the charm of this sublime upcycling calendar. And in addition, for those who live in a mini space or who simply do not want to invest in a real tree, it will do the trick. Seduced by this daring concept? Let's go ! Bomb the color of your choice on metal hangers, attach a small nail to each hanger so that they form, once assembled, a fir tree and above all, do not forget to add a piece of masking tape to avoid let them not move! Once your tree is finished, place here and there envelopes of all sizes where you will slip treats, and voila! * More info on this DIY: Strawberry Milk *

A recuperated Advent calendar

Mom Blog Ready for the count! This year, the Advent calendar is playing recuperated and very colorful, to hell with conventions! Composed of 24 rolls of toilet paper, each of them must be covered with wallpaper, perforated to hang the figures, then assembled to form a small tree. * More info on this DIY: Mom Blog *

The Hey Look Advent Calendar

Hey Look A calendar for the month of December all in cubes to wait patiently for Christmas with chic, here is the calendar of Hey Look. Composed of facets, the 24 boxes are easy to print, cut, fold and then stick! * More info on this DIY: Hey Look *

A cloud advent calendar

And God Created If you dream of personalizing and enchanting your space in an original way for the holidays, then you will no doubt be delighted to discover this poetic Advent calendar designed using cushions sewn in the shape of clouds and balls transparent. And in addition, this year, you will not ruin yourself! * More info on this DIY: Et Dieu Créa *

An Advent calendar in matchboxes

Mini Reyve A simple calendar, in the colors of autumn to keep your children patient for a month, do you like it? No need to be an expert! You just have to collect 25 white match boxes on which you will make small doors, print the label sheet and stick a label on each door. Then, you just have to fill the boxes with small gifts, close the doors with scotch tape, then fix the boxes by assembling them using Patafix! * More info on this DIY: Mini Reyve *

An Advent Calendar box of chewing gum

Delia Creates Unusual and funny, this funny calendar did not go unnoticed by the editorial staff. Easy and quick to make, you will only need a pack of chewing gum which you can customize using scraps of wallpaper for example. * More info on this DIY: Delia Creates *

Advent street calendar

Mr Printables This calendar year, the golden rule is simple: above all, don't buy anything! So, we simply put on a calendar to print. Colorful or black and white, the choice is yours! * More info on this DIY: Mr Printables *

A magnetic calendar

Miranda Walker Tick tock tick tock, December is fast approaching, and preparations for Christmas are over! So if you are short of time to make the Advent calendar of your dreams, one tip is to take small magnetic boxes that you can dispose of as you wish on a magnetic support. And, above all, beforehand, do not forget to decorate the front of each small box and to insert treats. More info on this DIY: Miranda Walker

A powdered Advent calendar

A star in my cabin You can also opt for simplicity by purchasing this kit. You just have to pin, nail and tape your calendar on the wall of your choice and customize it according to your desires. Nice, right? * More info on this DIY: A star in my cabin *

An origami calendar

Fifi Mandirac At the editorial office, we fell in love with this funny Advent calendar mounted on the principle of origami. So if you too have been charmed and want to get started in origami, you just have to follow this rather nice little tutorial. * More info on this DIY: Fifi Mandirac *

An origami and recuperation calendar

AA's Blog You can also choose to make this model, perfect for people who like to give a second life to things and objects. If you decide to get started, all you need is paper and a little patience. * More info on this DIY: AA's Blog *

Advent calendar cones

Mom to do it all Here is an Advent calendar easy to make with your children. While they are making cones using scraps of wallpaper, you will sand and then paint a plywood board. Once this is completed, all you have to do is attach the cones with pins on the string, then ask your children to finish decorating the calendar with garlands and balls. * More info on this DIY: Handyman *

An Advent calendar in the shape of houses

Strawberry milk Here is a very colorful calendar to print: a real village of small houses with retro prints. Cut, fold, glue ... it's up to you! * More info on this DIY: Strawberry Milk *