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A decorative theme for toilets

A decorative theme for toilets

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** The toilets are a room very often left abandoned. Because it is not a piece of life, some people think that decorating it is perfectly useless. However, there are many decorative themes for toilets. No more sad corners, give free rein to your imagination. And to get you started, here are 10 decorative themes for toilets. **

A wallpaper for the occasion

Point WC Representing rolls of toilet paper, this decor is as fun as it is colorful.

A touch of glamor

Yannick Labrousse And why not be tempted by glamorous toilets that seem to come out of a novel by the Countess of Ségur. Here is an original creation by Yannick Labrousse.

A contemporary touch

GSG Ceramic Design For a contemporary decor even in the smallest corners, you can count on GSG Ceramic Design and this model of round and red WC.

White and glass

GSG Ceramic Design Here are sober and chic toilets. This clever mixture of glass and ceramic, also signed GSG Ceramic Design, offers a trendy touch to your toilet.

20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Frédéric Gracia Thanks to a pretty tapestry or trompe l'oeil designs, the toilets can transform into sea depths. Here is a fine example with a creation by Frédéric Gracia.

WC, video games and other eccentricities

Toilet Zone Do you want to combine passion and decoration? Here are Pacman toilets as funny as they are successful!

Like a palace

Kerasan A retro and luxurious atmosphere even in your toilets? This is what Kerasan offers you, whose creations are prized by the biggest Parisian palaces.

Aboard the Nautilus

Frédéric Gracia Another work by Frédéric Gracia, toilets decorated like a submarine.

When the toilets go green

Just In Deco Plants offer a choice atmosphere for toilets. Use and abuse plants to bring an exotic touch to small corners.