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A starry boy's room to recreate at home

A starry boy's room to recreate at home

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Bet on a galaxy effect in the little guys' room. A decorative trend that also resonates on the big screen with the release of the film Gavity. But not to fall into a decorative remake that flirts with bad taste, here is a bedroom version that will amaze you!

Shopping list: bet on the slightly bluish gray

Dulux Valentine To reproduce a heavenly atmosphere, bet on the softness of the bluish gray which leaves room for other colors.

Shopping list: the walls are adorned with stars

Lilipinso The stars also hang on the curtains and on the wallpaper. Don't be afraid on total look! On the other hand, be sure to keep a unity in the tones so as not to spoil your decor.

Shopping list: cushions for a soft touch

Maison du monde Sprinkle the decor with cushions with star patterns. On the bed, on the floor to settle with friends and on the chair, they soften the decor.

Shopping list: play with stripes

Heytens Contrast the star pattern with stripes. Embroidered by an XXL cushion, the stripes and stars highlight each other.

Shopping list: customize the decor

Heytens Dress the walls with your toddler's artwork. Drawings, memories of holidays ... are displayed without complex on the wall.

Shopping list: light up the stars

Decoclico The stars sparkle under the heat of the bulbs. To do this, make the decor shine by betting on lampshades with a star motif.

Shopping list: authentic soil

Castorama The rustic aspect of the parquet contrasts nicely with this starry decor. It soothes and reminds you that you are on earth!

Shopping list: warm the floor with a carpet

Maisons du Monde Children spend time playing on the floor, so it is essential to cover your parquet with a carpet to warm it up. And of course, choose it with stars per thousand so that it fits into your decor.

Shopping list: a duvet for sweet dreams

Home decor All in blue, adorned with white, gray and red stars, the duvet cover sets the tone for the rest of the decor.

Shopping list: a designer chair

Aim Break the childish side by betting on a designer chair. Fluorescent in color, it stands out from the decor to be better highlighted.