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Lift-up beds to save space

Lift-up beds to save space

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When there is little space, the bed can quickly become bulky. Also, there are solutions like the fold-up bed to make it disappear during the day when you don't need it. Discover the lifting beds in pictures.

A graphic room - night version

Espace Loggia ### When night falls, simply lower the bed to create a bedroom space. The bed (a place) is then placed over the living room and you will reach the bed by a few steps which also serve as storage.

A living space for teens - day version

Espace Loggia ### During the day, to take advantage of all the space in the bedroom, the beds give way to a bench seat to receive friends as well as an ideal desk for doing homework. The space is then clear and pleasant in the manner of a small living room.

A teenage bedroom - night version

Espace Loggia ### For the night, the beds are placed above the desk and the bench. It is reached by small steps which also serve as drawers. The room is then very pleasant to spend a sweet night.

Beds to place at the height of your choice

Espace Loggia ### Finally, to save space, you can bet on beds whose height you choose. You will choose for example the highest position to place a child's desk below and you can opt for a lower position if your child is younger.