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Prepare an exceptional table for the new year in 5 lessons

Prepare an exceptional table for the new year in 5 lessons

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Every year, it's the same refrain. On December 31, we let ourselves be won over by the excitement and the desire to set up an exceptional table, because after all, it is tradition: the start of the new year must be celebrated with dignity! To achieve this, some golden rules are worth remembering ... Follow the guide!

Arrange cutlery, plates and glasses with elegance

Ikéa ### If the choice of dishes is particularly important on New Years Eve, the arrangement of plates, glasses and cutlery is just as important! Let it be said, a well-laid table cannot be improvised. The wine glass and the water glass are placed opposite each plate, and the wine glass (the smallest) automatically takes the place on the right. Side plates, we stack that of the entry on that of the main dish, itself surmounted by a third intended for a first appetizer. And rather than having a parade of cutlery on each of their sides, we put them together nicely using a ribbon. Simply chic.

Make pretty table labels

Ikéa ### New Years Eve dinner is the occasion for big tables. In order to avoid agitation and hesitation when taking a seat at the table, each table has labels indicating the names of the guests. It's practical, and it's decorative! Indeed, these labels can be attached to the towel using a ribbon, hang on the glass using a nice clip or take the form of a pebble or a slate. It gives ideas…

Enhance the table with decorative objects

Paragraph ### Difficult to do without decorative accessories on the Christmas Eve table! Pretty Christmas balls placed in containers, stars scattered in bulk, a garland crossing the table and powder or white glitter that imitate snow, and magic is created…

The most decorative: folded napkins

Ikéa ### And if we imitated the staging of the great restaurants and their sublime folds of napkins that give the look to the table? On, many online videos show you how to make folds in the shape of flowers, stars and many other ideas!