10 ideas for the decoration of the corridor

10 ideas for the decoration of the corridor

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It is not because the corridor is only a passage piece that one should not look after its decoration. On the contrary, the corridor will be a link between your different rooms and must therefore be up to the decor of these. Discover 10 inspirations to decorate your corridor.

Enhanced soil

Ikea To enhance the corridor, you can also bet on the ground. For this, think of decorative coverings but also accessories such as rugs that you can multiply, for example.

A colorful corridor

Ikea To bring your hallway to life, dare to color! You can paint your complaints to energize the wall surface and opt for a very colorful canvas that will take up a good place on the wall.

A dynamic corridor

Castorama Also, to bring color into the corridor, think of painting. To avoid the total look of very bright color, one can simply opt for a base like here in yellow.

A corridor like a room in the house

Leroy Merlin Why not use the hallway as a classic room in the house? We then install a storage unit, a chair, a nice light fixture and some pictures on the wall. All in the same harmony as your other rooms.

A library corridor

Purpose To transform your hallway into a library, install invisible fixing shelves and arrange your books to dress the walls.

A graphic corridor

Castorama If your hallway is long enough to distribute all the rooms in your house, you can stage this space by giving it a graphic style. Then play with two contrasting colors that will enhance the whole.

A trompe l'oeil corridor

Leroy Merlin In this long corridor, we decided to play with this particularity by extending it visually on the wall using a trompe l'oeil that materializes the doors that follow one another.

A corridor with beautiful doors

Leroy Merlin To give style to your hallway, don't neglect the doors! On the contrary, consider highlighting them by painting them in a bright color for example.

A corridor and its decorative atmosphere

V33 Why not give your corridor a style? Here, we breathe a seaside atmosphere with the use of blue and white as well as the small armchair in natural material.