5 addresses with an industrial spirit approved by Téva Déco

5 addresses with an industrial spirit approved by Téva Déco

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The industrial trend is in full swing. Discover for inspiration and for the pleasure of the eyes, 5 places that stage with style but in a different way the industrial spirit. Restaurants, hotels, pensions set the tone and have not forgotten their past.

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The Fabric The rooms of the Fabric hotel are just like the place. Elegant and of industrial inspiration, they also dare color. Royal blue, lime green, blood orange recall the bucolic atmosphere of the workers' gardens.

The Golden Tap

Le Robinet d'Or Rendezvous close to the Canal Saint Martin in Paris to discover Le Robinet d'Or. As its name suggests, this old faucet factory is today a hotel restaurant that caught our eye. The vestiges of the past have been preserved so as not to overlook the history of the place. Piping, taps, architectural elements of industrial style stage the decor. ** Le Robinet d'or ** 17 Rue Robert Blache 75010 Paris +33 (0) 1 44 65 14 50

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Le Robinet d'Or The restaurant on the ground floor imprints the history of this address. The rooms are decorated and furnished in a more cozy spirit. Patterned wallpaper, heavy drapes and 1950s furniture reinvent a new story.

The Edgar Hotel, a restaurant and a Parisian hotel with a vintage spirit

Hôtel Edgar In the lively Sentier district, the Hôtel Restaurant Edgar stages a decoration which takes its source at the beginning of the XXth century. Cement tiles on the floor, canopies, dark colors are in the spotlight. Hôtel Edgar 31 Rue d'Alexandrie 75002 Paris Telephone: 01 40 41 05 69

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Hotel Edgar The owner has given carte blanche to several personalities from the artistic world to decorate the hotel rooms. Each of them is therefore decorated differently in an arty spirit.

La Recyclerie, a 100% recycled address

La Recyclerie This former station of the railroad network of the small belt is reborn after having been abandoned for several years. Both a bar and a restaurant, it stages a recuperative spirit of industrial style with its large iron light fixtures, its recovered furniture and its scars from the past which have not been hidden. 2 Rue Belliard 75018 Paris

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The Recycling Plant is important in this decoration. Green plants, vegetated railways, warm the general atmosphere and recreate a "countryside in Paris" spirit.

Edelweiss pension, a unique address in Marseille

Pension Edelweiss Far from standard hotels, Pension Edelweiss is a unique address which combines several decorative spirits. The industrial style bay window mixes with reclaimed furniture for a joyful mix where different styles intersect. Pension Edelweiss 6 rue Lafayette 13001 Marseille

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The Edelweiss Pension The rooms continue this style. They have not forgotten to give pride of place to materials. Tiled floor, white marble fireplace, retro furniture create an eclectic style that is not lacking in charm.


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