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A playroom for children at home

A playroom for children at home

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The playroom is the domain reserved for children, but when space runs out, do not let yourself be overrun by toys and install it in a corner of the bedroom, kitchen or living room!

A games room wedged between two offices

Ikea There is always a small place to install children's toys! Supporting evidence here, where they take place, quite wisely, between two offices.

An assumed playroom

Ikea In a corner of the living room, the play area for children takes place with suitable furniture and practical storage so that in the evening, the lounge can regain its primary function.

An elevated games room

Ikea When the children share the same room, use the central space for their toys. Furnished with large boxes for efficient storage, the available height surface turns into a game table.

A games room in a closet

Ikea When space is scarce, create a play area for children in a closet. Like a small house, it disappears when the doors are closed.

An organized games room

Ikea When the living room coexists children and parents, it is imperative not to be overwhelmed by toys. For this, bet on efficient storage with boxes, shelves and bags to store in record time!

A suspended games room

Ikea Original, the games room is installed high with this seat that hangs from the ceiling. Bright in color, it brightens up and becomes a great space to play.

A games room for all ages

Ikea Symbolize the play area with a carpet in your children's room. A way to avoid arguments and to share all the toys.

A games room under a tent

Ikea Why not welcome your toddler's toys under a tent? Original, it also offers the advantage of hiding toys, especially when it is placed in the living room!

A space to play in the children's room

Ikea If you do not have a room dedicated to the games of the little ones, the children's room is the ideal place to install their toys to prevent them from invading the living room or the kitchen.