Design idea: our March favorites

Design idea: our March favorites

Discover the decor ideas of our internet users: Cathy, Charlène, Karine, Gwenaëlle and Magnolia. From rustic country style to contemporary or feminine colors, there is something for everyone!

Cathy's room

DR As in the living room, the bedroom is in light colors. The darker plinths highlight the furniture. The romantic decor makes this room a charming little nest.

Charlene's living room

DR Charlène opted for contrasting tones in her living room. We find the bright red of the walls on the cushions, the suspension and the frame which acts as a reminder of the colors of the living room. White brings brightness to the whole room.

Karine's kitchen

DR In this kitchen, gray is in the spotlight: from mouse gray to slate blue. The few red elements bring a touch of pep's to the whole room. In addition, Karine played with the "retro" style as underlined by the old signs and the polka dot fabric of the stools.

Karine's entry

DR In her entry, Karine opted for light tones. The country style is found in different elements such as tables, candlesticks and straw furniture with gray cushions.

Gwenaëlle's child's bedroom

DR For her baby's bedroom, Gwenaëlle chose soft tones. Blue and gray go well together and the shelves allow stuffed animals to find their place.

Gwenaëlle's child's bedroom

DR We always find the soft colors around the cradle. Enough to have sweet dreams.

Magnolia's office

DR In this piece, Magnolia wanted to create a very feminine universe. So there are shades of pink from floor to ceiling! Functional room, it acts as office, library and guest room.