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Flowers settle on the walls

Flowers settle on the walls

To brighten up your winter decoration, do not hesitate to bring a refreshing touch by opting for floral patterns on your walls. The wallpapers never stop sporting bouquets and arabesques inspired by 18th century drawings. Discover 5 wallpapers that are sure to give life to your interior.

Florient Grandeco

Grandeco ### Lover of classicism, prefer this wallpaper to the first because these soft and natural tones will not fail to create a warm atmosphere while enhancing your furniture. The pattern is less loaded to bring a more sober style.

Chambray Lutece

Lutece ### If flowers rhyme with a certain idea of ‚Äč‚Äčromanticism for you, this wallpaper is made for you! With these delicate roses, he gives a very bucolic style to the wall he dresses while distilling a charm of yesteryear. Ideal for a bedroom or a boudoir, this wallpaper is not lacking in femininity.

Small Prints Initials

Initials ### For an elegant style, we put on stylized flower branches that bloom on a white background. The combination of blue and white will bring a very classic style inspired by English wallpapers. Something to be in the mood for Tea Time.

Scandinavian Vintage Sedim Marburg

Sedim Marburg ### Finally, to make the house look pretty bucolic, we choose a wallpaper with a charged pattern between the classic spirit and the Baroque style which we modernize with an original and vitamin-like color like turquoise blue. To energize a very classic interior or have fun with offsets, this wallpaper will be ideal!