A romantic bedroom decor to recreate at home

A romantic bedroom decor to recreate at home

To soothe the sleep of the young ladies, nothing like a romantic atmosphere in the room. We then put on a feminine decor between the princess room of modern times and the chic boudoir. Find out how to recreate the decor of a romantic bedroom at home.

A feminine painting

Dulux Valentine To set the scene for your romantic bedroom, start by painting the walls in a feminine color. To avoid pink, you can opt for a pastel color like parma. The effect will be just as feminine. Dulux Valentine

Baroque mirror

La Redoute To decorate the walls of the room, we opt for baroque mirrors that we will multiply to play the card of accumulation. Do not hesitate to bet on different shapes and sizes. La Redoute, 40 euros

Chesterfield headboard

Maisons du monde To enhance the bed, we offer a monumental headboard. We can opt for a padded model that will give a boudoir atmosphere to the room. Houses of the world, 249 euros

Set of bed linen

Blanc des Vosges To continue the decor of the bed, put on a classic white bed linen that will play the card of elegance in your room. Blanc des Vosges, 250 euros

Precious curtains

Lily Latifi To refine the decor and stage the windows, opt for precious curtains. We choose a beautiful material and we can even choose an openwork model, or with rhinestones to reveal the femininity of the textile. Lily Latifi

Fur cushion

La Redoute For the warm note of the room, we will put on one or two cushions in white faux fur. Ideal for a cocooning and feminine atmosphere. Cyrillus, 65 euros

Decorative rosette

Leroy Merlin To bring a bit of a chateau style to the bedroom, you can opt for a polystyrene rosette that will be placed in the center of the room to stage the pendant light. Leroy Merlin, 18 euros

A poetic suspension

Laurie Lumière Your pendant light will be a major element of the decor. In the center of the room, it will set the tone with its poetic pendants and its light and airy composition. Laurie Lumière, 489 euros

A diverted vase

Ikea What would a romantic bedroom be without a few flowers? We then place on the bedside table a small diverted vase which is none other than a glass and we place a well-chosen flower. Ikea