Adrien's chalet

Adrien's chalet

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Chalet d'Adrien awaits you in Switzerland, an address ideally located on the snow-covered slopes of the Alps. A 5-star chalet with chic and neat decor ideal for future winter getaways.


LE CHALET D'ADRIEN Woodwork on the walls, fabrics, old furniture ... the retro-chic decor of the 29 rooms is unique and plays on a certain idea of ​​the old. A clever mix of modernity and retro.


LE CHALET D'ADRIEN The bathrooms at Adrien's chalet are spacious and incorporate all modern conveniences and comfort.

The swimming pool

ADRIEN'S CHALET A large bowl of oxygen for the face and body at the spa at Adrien's chalet. A true haven of peace at more than 1,500 meters above sea level, come and test the novelties for the 2011/2012 winter season.

The bar

LE CHALET D'ADRIEN The bar at Adrien's chalet awaits you for a moment of relaxation and pleasure after a long day spent on the ski slopes. A mountain atmosphere, chic and cozy.