5 shower styles to inspire you!

5 shower styles to inspire you!

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In the bathroom, the shower takes an important place and that is why it should fit into the decor of your room. To inspire you, discover in pictures 5 showers that each correspond to a style.

A seaside shower

Leroy Merlin ### For a seaside style, we put on a shower that fits into a bathroom dressed in gray wood and bluish walls. Then choose a fairly simple shower with small beige tiles that recall the color of the sea sand.

Charm and romanticism

Lapeyre ### In a romantic bathroom, you put on a shower that plays with transparency. To do this, choose a glass cabin and add a glass brick wall to create the decor. For the shower, choose tiling in feminine colors that you will also use for the walls of the bathroom.

Contemporary spirit

Lapeyre ### For a contemporary bathroom, put on a large walk-in shower that will be delimited by glass walls with a smoked part to bring privacy to the user. On the color side, choose very trendy natural tones.

Total retro look

Herbeau Créations ### For a timeless bathroom, we choose a small shower by preferring a round shower bottom. Bet on simple tiles using two colors. To close the shower, choose two shower curtains with a beautiful drape.