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A playful touch to brighten up the bathroom

A playful touch to brighten up the bathroom

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To start the day off right, there's nothing like a good bathroom. To help you, you can opt for playful decorative touches that will brighten up the bathroom in the blink of an eye.

Colored accessories

Ikea To brighten up the bathroom, color is your ally! By using colorful bath linens and colorful bath rugs, your bathroom will be transformed. Red, orange, pink, everything works!

Patchwork of colors

Villeroy et Boch And more than just touches of color, you can bet on a patchwork of colors. We adopt for example a confetti carpet and we make hooks and decorative accessories to this mixture of colors.

Colorful furniture

Lapeyre For even more color in the bathroom, you can opt for colorful bathroom furniture. We then choose a tangy tone that will add vitamin to the decor of the room.

Original basins

Porcelanosa Know that color also works with wash basins. You can opt for a colored basin or better choose different colors for the basins in your bathroom to create an original patchwork.

Colorful ground

Sanijura For an original decoration, you can also count on the floor. Thanks to a vinyl floor, you will be able to bring patterns or color onto your floor. Consider harmonizing it with your furniture for more style.

Multicolored tiles

Leroy Merlin The advantage with tiling is that you can personalize your decor as desired. We can for example create a mosaic of different colors for a tile that will be the centerpiece of the decor of the bathroom.

An original tile

Castorama It's not just the color that can offer you a playful decoration! By betting on small mirror tiles that you will integrate into the rest of your tiles the effect will be stunning!

A colorful basement

Castorama To revitalize the decor of the bathroom, take a pot of brightly colored paint and have fun painting an underbody. This technique will be ideal if your bathroom is white and you want to wake it up.

Decorative furniture

Mezquita Your furniture is also an asset in the decoration of your bathroom. For a fun atmosphere, you can opt for a screen-printed model that will bring patterns to your decor. Know that it will also work with a sticker.


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