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This fall, the teapot will not come out without its cap!

This fall, the teapot will not come out without its cap!

If you have not yet succumbed to the "Tea Cozy" trend, you may soon change your mind! These small woolen hats for teapots, first used at the end of the 19th century in North America, are now all the rage in the United Kingdom! Today, everyone uses their creativity and their imagination to create ever more original models. Discover our 10 favorites in pictures.

A small cat

Matthews1952 Too cute this little red cat who warms this teapot. With its hair in the colors of autumn, it is perfectly in season! 12.49 euros

A bouquet of flowers

BittyCreations Well representative of English elegance, this beanie wearing pretty crochet roses is the new decorative ally of your shabby chic tables. 22.47 euros

A variegated beanie

SueDZine Dare eccentricity at tea time with this ultra colorful hat. Sure it will clash alongside your porcelain service! 21.10 euros

A funny owl

TWINKKNITS We are literally in love with this little heathered wool owl. When the handle and the spout of the teapot, they offer two funny arms. 23.11 euros

A child mouse

SpecialHandmade482 We crack in front of this little crochet mouse which covers with amusement a white porcelain teapot. Kids will love it! 8.99 euros

A very soft sheep

WoollyChicDesigns To have the impression of being right next to the Scottish sheep meadows, here is the ideal cozy tea! 25.62 euros

An "Angry Birds" bird

Spuddyjacks Some creators do not hesitate to use well-known characters to make their cozy tea. Here, the famous bird of Angry Birds poses! 11.28 euros

A fun snail

RupertsHouse To amuse children at snack time, this little snail-shaped hat will charm them. 21.82 euros

A cute koala

Shazzasknits Head to Oceania to have tea with this funny koala hat. Exotic, isn't it? 31.29 euros