A house revamped by Mike Jacobs in pure Californian style

A house revamped by Mike Jacobs in pure Californian style

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Located in the hills of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, the Los Feliz house has passed into the expert hands of architect Mike Jacobs. The latter's mission is to offer it a fresh and sparkling Mediterranean atmosphere, in pure Californian style. A successful bet in this charming house from 1920 which has become resolutely modern and bright.

An open and practical kitchen

Michael Wells A stone's throw from the living room is a large American-style kitchen composed of a huge central island which also serves as a bar. A second island, this time for storage, has taken a little height and accommodates cookbooks such as small appliances.

A dining room bathed in light

Michael Wells In the dining room, style wanders through the Nordic regions on one side and through the aisles of pure design on the other with this choice of blond and white wooden table and these ultra contemporary chairs. We also particularly like the choice of two models of seats that seem to clash installed one in front of the other.

A second cozy living room

Michael Wells If the first lounge is ideal for entertaining people, the second is more cozy and more family-friendly. Installed in one of the corners, this large white sofa, accompanied by its fur carpet, is a real call to relax.

A Scandinavian style bedroom

Michael Wells In the first bedroom, return to Scandinavia with a magnificent row of teak leaning against a white wall. Only the bed dares a little touch of color with two green graphic cushions and a plaid with ethnic patterns. A hippie chic breath as we like!

A second pop room

Michael Wells Another room, another atmosphere! Here, the wall is dynamic with large white and black stripes and the accessories have fun with the codes of the 70s. A bedside lamp all in curves, a bright orange plaid, the tone is set!

A natural corridor

Michael Wells In the immaculate corridor upstairs, only one section of the wall has been covered with a beautiful meadow green paint to give a natural atmosphere. An armchair and a plant in the same tones accompany it with ease. The little extra decor: a wall of neat and sleek frames along the length of the corridor.

A little corner to relax

Michael Wells Once the bay window has gone upstairs, a small space is discovered organized around a bright orange wood stove. It is undoubtedly the punchy touch of this little relaxation corner.

A high terrace

Michael Wells What a joy to be able to enjoy a superb view of L.A. from the high terrace. A small garden furniture in all simplicity, and voila!

A small garden with swimming pool

Michael Wells This colorful and bright house suggests a calm and pretty interior courtyard where the vegetation invites you to travel. The little extra: a large swimming pool to take full advantage of 360 days of sunshine in Los Angeles!