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Robin du Lac presents its spring / summer 2011 collection

Robin du Lac presents its spring / summer 2011 collection

As soon as spring arrives, the decor takes on a vegetable look! The desire to sunbathe in the garden is strong and can be felt in the decor. Robin du Lac thus offers a new spring / summer 2011 collection that can be installed both in the garden and in interiors. Presentation.

Outdoor pots

Robin du Lac The exterior is not to be outdone at Robin du Lac! You will find multiple pots to dress the garden and enhance the plants. Play the traditional spirit, opting for an aged-looking pot decorated with a classic lion.

Green the interior

Robin du Lac Consider bringing vegetation into your interior! To do this, multiply the flowerpots and small green plants. Play on the graphic aspect by accumulating the pots on a table. The vegetation will give a cool side to the house.

Summer dishes

Robin du Lac For your lunches outside or in the dining room, bet on summer dishes! Opt for transparency and prefer the green color which will recall the luxuriance of the garden.

Color in the house

Robin du Lac Finally, remember to change your household linen to bring it summer time! We choose very colorful tea towels, tablecloths and napkins with floral patterns. Mix the prints for a very happy effect!