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10 themes, 10 ideas for the children's room

10 themes, 10 ideas for the children's room

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Because children particularly appreciate when their decor has a starting point, we offer them a themed room. No question of taking their favorite hero as the effigy of the room, we prefer a more general theme that matches their personality. Here are some ideas to poke to give a theme to the nursery.

A nature-style room

Ikea Does your child spend his days outside? Recreate a beautiful landscape inside! For this, we will bet on blue walls that will evoke the sky and we will play with a beautiful green carpet for a little greenery.

A jungle-style room

Ikea Animals, lush vegetation, your child swears by the jungle? We reproduce this very special atmosphere by betting on a canopy in the shape of a giant leaf that will give style to your room.

Circus party

Ikea Your little one thinks he's a real little acrobat? The circus universe will please him without hesitation. And to set the scene, nothing like a tent like capitals that will put colors in the room.

Safari atmosphere

Maisons du monde For a safari atmosphere in the jungle, little explorers will particularly appreciate a wall decoration with maps of the world. You will find wallpapers that repeat this motif or you can display posters found in the atlases.

A ballerina's room

Maisons du monde Does your daughter swear by classical dance? The trick to create a ballerina room for her is to opt for decorative accessories that will take on the color of the tutus of the little rats from the opera house.

A princess bedroom

Maisons du monde The little budding princesses will be thrilled with a four-poster bed that will be accessorized with light curtains for sweet nights that will allow her to dream of prince charming.

Mountain child

Maisons du monde Little lovers of skiing and hot chocolates after a day in the mountains are sure to be seduced by a chalet-inspired decoration. They are then offered a beautiful wooden bed that will leave them dreaming of winter holidays.

Country spirit

Alinéa Your child dreams of a farm? We will offer it a country atmosphere with green soil. The final touch? An original bed that looks like a trailer.

The decoration of the astronauts

Vertbaudet For lovers of the moon, the decor focuses on the stars. The real plus of an astronaut's room? Phosphorescent stickers that will sparkle at night.