Tables come together to serve us better

Tables come together to serve us better

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Exit the tables alone and isolated in the corner of the room, room for multiplication! By two or even three or four, they impose themselves in numbers to better rule! Living room, dining room and office let themselves be caught in the multiplication game to offer you a real beautiful space in order to exhibit your decor while also offering room to work, eat or entertain!

At home also the tables come together

Ikea Simple tables installed next to each other, which are fitted with storage modules mounted on casters, offer a beautiful space for creating and working efficiently.

On the living room side, do the same!

Maisons du Monde And why not play on the height differences between the tables to provide more volume to the room? An idea to remember if you want to enhance your decor.

Two coffee tables for a beautiful space

Maisons du Monde Two large coffee tables of the same size and height, immediately offer a beautiful space to stage your favorite objects and thus decorate while still retaining room to accommodate a tea time or an aperitif dinner, without having to store everything.

A large table that gives the illusion of being two

Maisons du Monde Give the illusion that two tables have been arranged, with this unique table with 6 legs! Original and decorative.

4 colorful tables

Maisons du Monde 4 identical but different coffee tables were installed as a large living room table. One way to have a large table without visually cluttering the space.

Several tables, like in a restaurant

Ikea Change the ordinary and receive your guests as in a restaurant by installing several tables close to each other with an identical decor.

Mismatched tables

Ikea Two tables of different styles come together when receiving friends. A flea market spirit that saw to delight in this living room that mixes decorative spirits.

Tables like a patchwork

Ikea Align several dining tables to compose a single table. Dressed in different tablecloths on each of them, they offer a friendly space to settle in, chat, work or even eat!

Tables side by side for a banquet atmosphere

Ikea For a revised and corrected banquet atmosphere, set the table on several rectangular tables placed end to end. A festive spirit will emerge for a dinner that promises to be lively.


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