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Vipp reinvents table decor

Vipp reinvents table decor

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To present its collection of table accessories, the Vipp brand has decided to reinvent table decor. On the program: a new way of staging food for meals throughout the day and always in a friendly atmosphere. Discover the ideas to steal for your tables!

A board for snacks

Vipp Also reinvent the snack by staging it. Place your snack on a plate that will be large enough to accommodate your drink as well. Place everything on a wooden board and voila.

A presentation board

Vipp Instead of placing your different dishes in dedicated dishes, arrange them all on a wooden board. Each guest will thus have a small full tray available.

One meal, several containers

Vipp Why serve your meal on a single plate? Instead, opt for several small containers that you will place on a large slate that will unite the whole. Verrines and bites will then be on show!

Individual containers

Vipp To give style to the table, we play the individual card. Thus, we have a tray for each guest and we present containers for each. Thus, salt and other condiments find their place in small cups which give the decorative touch to the whole.

The reinvented aperitif

Vipp For the aperitif also we put on originality. Thus, rather than presenting a farandole of containers on the table, we stack them. For example, pistachios are installed on a plate that will accommodate the shells and vegetables are installed on a plate that also accommodates the dish for the sauce. Ingenious and decorative.

Present whole foods

Vipp If today we are used to presenting a plate for each guest, you can revive the tradition of the family dish that you will cut on the table. We then place it on a beautiful wooden board to stage it in the image of this fish which will not remain whole for a long time.

The charcuterie board revisited

Vipp In the bistros, for a small convivial meal, we serve platters of charcuterie. At home, we opt for a slate for each guest on which we will install slices of bread and a little cold meats.

Cutlery horizontal

Vipp To break the codes of traditional tableware, change the location of the cutlery. And to be really original, we place the cutlery horizontally so that they are as decorative as the plate.

The cooking pot at the table

Vipp Finally, we also break the codes by adopting a small casserole dish for each person. We place it on a tray and give height to the table with this imposing tableware.