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A decor like in the mountains!

A decor like in the mountains!

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Because some people want ski holidays to last all year round, you can transpose the atmosphere of mountain chalets into its interior, whether in the city or in the countryside. Here are 5 interiors to help you transform your living room or bedroom into a real chalet.

A room dressed in fur

Maisons du monde ### In the bedroom, we put on the fur to make the room very warm. You can use a bedspread, cushions but also decorate the room with a few poufs. For the rest, choose natural colors and wood for a very friendly atmosphere.

A room with mountain accents

Maisons du monde ### For a mountain spirit, we think of typical patterns like tiles! You can then install a very warm blanket and cushions on the bed for a fairly rustic spirit. In the rest of the room, bet on wood.

A rustic atmosphere

Maisons du monde ### In all rooms of the house, opt for rustic furniture. You will easily find large, massive wardrobes, tables and coffee tables in very veined woods.

A mountain lounge

Maisons du monde ### Finally, note that you can create a mountain atmosphere by simply using leather armchairs, a wooden table and a small fur pouffe. If you have a fireplace, take advantage of it and install the living room as close as possible to the fireplace.