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Architect's advice: how to hide a kitchen?

Architect's advice: how to hide a kitchen?

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For fans of refined, contemporary or minimalist atmospheres, the kitchen chooses the camouflage option in open spaces. In order to allow perfect and discreet integration into the living room, kitchen designers imagine and create aesthetic, functional and ingenious solutions (invisible handles, tilting tap, etc.). Thanks to a sober design and clean lines and materials, the appliances and furniture blend into the decor, to hide this kitchen that one would not want to see!

Hide a kitchen with a double function cabinet

Angélique BLANC In this living room of 7.50 mx 6 m, only the dining table could suggest that the kitchen is nearby. Entering the room, the residents have a wide view of the sleek TV / library furniture, 4.95 m wide. The kitchen is camouflaged on the other side of this double function cabinet. At the ends of the latter, two full-height storage units are installed to create returns leaving the kitchen elements unsuspected. So that this arrangement remains very comfortable, the lighting will be a technical point not to be neglected, light points will therefore have to be placed under all the tall units.

Hide a kitchen with sliding folding panels

Angélique BLANC In this apartment, the 7.54 mx 5 m living room is in turn kitchen, living room or office. Behind the sliding folding panels acting as an extendable partition, there are storage cupboards and household appliances, which will show or hide as you wish and activities. This extendable partition makes it possible to separate the kitchen from the living room at a lower cost and has the advantage of being easy to install during renovations since the panels are fixed to the ceiling on rails. The result will be very aesthetic and contemporary by choosing a beautiful material and color for the panels (we will of course avoid the accordion partition of our dear grandmothers). Once the partition is closed, the hinges connecting the panels are invisible and the partition looks like a perfectly smooth wall.

Hide a kitchen with a partition

Angélique BLANC In this 5.50 mx 5 m studio, the kitchen has been designed for small areas, where the lack of space makes storage tedious. Here, it does not matter if the kitchen is not perfectly tidy since it is hidden! Upon entering the studio, the three staircase steps suggest that behind the partition is a sleeping area on the mezzanine. In reality, it is indeed a real fitted kitchen which is camouflaged behind this partition. It is certainly compact, but functional and the partition is raised to 1.80 m in order to benefit from sufficient light for cooking.