10 decorative ideas stitched in lofts to reuse

10 decorative ideas stitched in lofts to reuse

Lovers of the great outdoors where partitions are rare, the loft spirit is made for you! Whether they are refurbished and decorated in an ultra contemporary way or left in their own juice to keep the imprint of the past, lofts are always a source of good ideas. The proof in pictures.

The dining room near the canopy

For an artist studio atmosphere in the dining room, start by arranging the latter near your large glass roof. On the decorative side, we play with industrial codes: wooden and metal table and chairs, factory hanging lamps and some decorative items.

Design armchairs

For a loft with a 100% contemporary look, don't be afraid to dare a few designer pieces or high-end brands! Here, two designer armchairs set the tone in the living room.

A reclaimed coffee table

Keep the damaged look of your loft in the living room by betting on a reclaimed coffee table! Add a large plaid on the sofa, adopt a rattan armchair and some ethnic plates, and here is a bohemian loft-style living room.

A low wall as a headboard

If you have desires of a headboard like no other, take your courage in both hands and make yourself a small wall in the recess of the room. Once painted white, it accommodates bedside lamps, books and other decorative items.

Three coffee tables

Since you are lucky enough to own a large living room, don't be afraid to dare to try some fantasies! In front of this large gray sofa, have three identical coffee tables vertically for a very successful contemporary effect.

No partition for the bedroom

We say no to partitions to give a loft spirit to our decor! This room, installed in a corner of the house does not have a window and thus takes advantage of the light of the corridors thanks to the openings in the walls. We prick the idea!

Glass stairs

For a design, airy and subtle interior, we suggest that you adopt glass staircases that will cross the entire house. Ideal for purifying the atmosphere and bringing a real singularity to the decor.

A picture window to see the living room

What a great idea to have installed a large picture window between the kitchen below and the living room to be able to take advantage of its guests during meal preparation! The plus: it also allows light to circulate and create a harmonious whole.

A glass roof which opens onto a beautiful terrace

It is a real pleasure to have a large glass roof with a view of the terrace. Provided that the decoration of the latter has not been neglected! Arrange a beautiful garden furniture on a trendy wooden floor and voila!