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Domaine de Capelongue

Domaine de Capelongue

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The Domaine de Capelongue, first of all remains a family home on the hillside in Provence in the beautiful village of Bonnieux, nestled in the Luberon. But it is also an adventure, a family adventure, that of the star chef Edouard Loubet and his family. Discover a place with a serene atmosphere in a breathtaking setting.


DOMAINE DE CAPELONGUE The rooms of Capelongue have as their common denominator the presence of stone, for a chic and rustic atmosphere. The 17 rooms that make up the country house all bear the name of a famous character drawn from Provençal literature: Alphonse Daudet, Tartarin…


DOMAINE DE CAPELONGUE The decoration of the Domaine de Capelongue is neat and all the elements are chosen with the greatest care. A very country chic atmosphere between Provencal charm and rustic atmosphere.


DOMAINE DE CAPELONGUE Enjoy the Provence sun at Domaine de Capelongue. A unique place where you can relax and take the time ... to take the time in an exceptional setting.


DOMAINE DE CAPELONGUE In order to keep an authentic side and in the traditional spirit of the region, white and cream are the dominant colors. The woods are whitewashed, the furniture is patinated ... Through the window you can also admire the beautiful Provencal landscape.