20 Mardi Gras costumes to make yourself

20 Mardi Gras costumes to make yourself

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In a few days it will be Mardi Gras, the perfect opportunity for our dear blond heads to dress up and take, for a day, the appearance of their favorite characters. Fairytale princess, butterfly, Batman or dinosaur ... what if we created an original and unique costume for our children?

Pineapple costume

Delia Creates The less greedy will set their sights on this tuti frutti costume made using yellow felt. For the cape, take the measurements of the collar of one of your child's t-shirts and transfer them to the felt. Then go to cutting and decorate the cape with a black pen. For the hat, things get complicated! Cut an oval shape on the felt and a second one made of smaller cardboard. In the center of the felt, install a little foam, cover it with your cardboard then close it all with sewing thread. Do not forget to attach a strip of fabric to the outside, which will allow you to hold the hat on your child's head. Finally, using green felt, all you have to do is make the plant stems. More info on this DIY: Delia Creates

Lion costume

A Night Owl Blog Since our children love animal costumes, we have selected for you this nice lion costume imagined by A Night Owl Blog. Want to take up the challenge? Take brown wire, wrap it around your hand and cut it out. Then fix together the threads of each of the cut pieces and then assemble everything to form a pretty mane. Using your thread, finally make two small braids that you will attach to the bottom of the mane. These will allow you to properly fix your creation on the head of your toddler. And to finalize this pretty costume, we don't forget to bring a yellow t-shirt and a little make-up for children. More info on this DIY: A Night Owl Blog

A gnome costume

Nicole Coleman Your finances are limited and you think you are running out of time to design the costume of your child's dreams? No problem. Using white and red felt, in just ten minutes you can make him a pretty gnome mask. Small budget, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Minted

An Elliott and E.T suit

And we play Looking for an original costume idea? Do not hesitate to tap into the fantastic register as here with this funny disguise that pays homage to the film E.T. And, bonus: it requires only a very short time. A bike, a white basket, an E.T plush and a moon made with paper and paint and voila! A real breeze! More info on this DIY: And we play

Star Wars costumes

Ashley Thalman Lovers of the Star Wars saga, these costumes are made for you! The main advantage: they do not require a large investment and nor a lot of work since you simply have to draw from your own wardrobe and have pistols and lasers for children. So, if you do not have artistic flair, we can not recommend this disguise. More info on this DIY: Say Yes

A dinosaur costume

Hello Wonderful Using recycled items can be a good way to design an original and inexpensive Halloween costume for your toddler. The proof with this dinosaur costume simply made using cardboard boxes. Pretty cool right? More info on this DIY: Hello, wonderful

Octopus costume

Giggles Galore The most daring will bet on this magnificent octopus costume. To achieve it, nothing very complicated! It is enough to fill with cotton three pairs of tights, to assemble them together using a belt then to fix on a bonnet black and white felt in the shape of an eye. Easy as pie ! More info on this DIY: Giggles Galore

Ninja costume

A Night Owl Blog A green pajamas, brown, orange, and flesh-colored felt, a plastic container and a good dose of patience ... this is what you will need to make this beautiful ninja costume. Want to take the plunge? Let's go ! You will see, you will not be disappointed! More info on this DIY: A Night Owl Blog

A fox costume

Fashion Bits Otherwise, you can just as well opt for this fox costume. The difficulty of the project: the making of this long tail made with paper and brown and white fur. And, for more info, don't hesitate to take a look at the Bits Fashion blog. More info on this DIY: Bits Fashion

A DIY disguise: bird wings

Llevo el Invierno Recover 'and original! We love these pretty bird wings made from scraps of fabric. But you don't have to be a sewing pro to make them! Just cut out lots of pieces of fabric of the same shape and size with a template, then glue them in different layers on a large piece of fabric cut in an arc. Two ribbons for the hooks on the arms and neck, and that's the job! * More info on this DIY: Llevo el invierno *

A peacock costume

Andreas notebook Even disguising himself as a bird, adopt the beauty and elegance of the peacocks! To create this costume, you need different colors of tulle and felt (blue, green and brown). First step, hang the different thicknesses of tulle on a wide ribbon used as a belt (either by sewing them or using a stapler). Next, cut circles of different sizes from the felt, and glue them together, from the largest to the smallest, to create the patterns of the peacock. Small effort, maximum effect! * More info on this DIY: Andreas notebook *

A butterfly costume

Buggy and buddy On the podium of girly costumes, the butterfly arrives just after the princesses! Except that out of the classic makeup, we are a bit lacking in ideas… Don't panic, here is a simple tutorial to make butterfly wings! Fabric, a little glue, and elastic thread, and voila - almost - done. We start by cutting the shape of the wings and the patterns, then by gluing them together. Then, you must create the attachment points by sewing elastic thread at the bottom of the wings (at the wrists), and at the top (to make suspenders). And now, your butterfly is ready to fly! * More info on this DIY: Buggy and buddy *

An owl costume

Mom Inc Daily At the editor, we fell in love with this owl costume for the little ones! It is certainly not the easiest to achieve, since you have to have sewing basics, but the result is adorable. If you decide to get started, you will need different fabrics (at least 5), two big buttons to make the eyes, a sewing machine and a little patience. More info on this DIY: Mom Inc Daily

A flower costume

Clumsy crafter A super original idea of ​​disguise, with simply a basin, a headband and artificial flowers! For the bottom, start by cutting the bottom of the basin. Then, with adhesive tape, hang some cord or ribbon to make suspenders. Finally, tape flowers inside the plastic and on the headband. * More info on this DIY: Clumsy crafter *

A bat costume

Alpha mom What child has not dreamed of becoming a Batman for an evening? For the Batmobile, you will have to wait, but to disguise yourself as a bat, we have found you a super simple tutorial from an old t-shirt. You need brown fabric in which to cut the wings, and thread and a needle to sew them on the sleeves and on the sides of the t-shirt. Then, you just have to print the mask (direct link: Alphamom for the transformation to be complete! * More info on this DIY: Alpha mom *

A DIY costume: a dinosaur tail

Andreas Notebook Cute and funny, this costume is perfect for the little ones! To make it, you need two different fabrics, velcro, scissors and a sewing machine. We first cut the three triangles that will constitute the tail, then a strip with small triangles to make the "quills". Then, we assemble everything in the sewing machine, and we prepare the attachment of the tail, by sewing the velcros to two strips of fabric. We sew this belt at the bottom of the tail and here is a cute little dragon or dino costume, of your choice! * More info on this DIY: Andreas Notebook *

A princess costume

The girl inspired Because the princess costume remains the bestseller of the playground, we have found you a tutorial for a dress worthy of the Disney princesses! Tulle and pink satin, this costume is not so complicated to make: everything is based on the gathers that lift the first dress to leave the tulle visible. Simple magic! * More info on this DIY: The girl inspired *

Homemade Child Costume: The Minions Costume

Craftaholics Anonymous Ok, ok, this Minions costume is pro level, but it's so successful that we couldn't resist showing it to you! If you have a lot of time in front of you and you are resourceful, you can recreate the costumes of Gru and his three daughters with this tutorial. In any case, if you start, send us your photos! * More info on this DIY: Craftaholics Anonymous *

The witch costume

Beehive & Birdsnest A super fun tutu and very easy to make! To make it, you just need black tulle, a wide orange ribbon, different small ribbons in the colors orange, black, and purple and embroidery thread. We cut pieces of tulle and ribbon, and we simply tie them with the embroidery thread, then hidden under the belt tape. Add a black t-shirt, striped socks and a pointed hat (if you want to do it yourself, there is a very detailed tutorial here: Deliacreates and voila!