The light ribbons in the first row!

The light ribbons in the first row!

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Do you want practical and clever lighting in the house after dark? The Leds generation takes care of you: ribbons and light garlands on the program! From the bathroom to the living room, from the living room to the bedroom, these little lights wisely aligned bathe the places of softness and well-being. Presentation.

A light ribbon under the bathtub

Castorama ### At Castorama, the LED ribbons emancipate even in the bathroom. Fixed under the bathtub, this one, water resistant, spreads dim lighting conducive to relaxation time ... Favorite.

Luminous ribbons on the shower walls

Lapeyre ### Rich in decorative and clever novelties, the Lapeyre 2012 collection notably presents this unique shower screen. In fact, the glass has been chiseled with strips of bright blue LEDs that intersect over its entire length and its entire height. The result gives a new face to the bathroom, between modernity and beauty!

A light ribbon encrusted on the ceiling

Castorama ### Is your hallway too dark? Why not fix two or three lines of LEDs at the ceiling? A simple decorating tip to bring in light…

Between the wall and the ceiling

Xanlite ### Difficult to ignore the Xanlite brand in terms of light ribbons! Indeed, it offers adhesive models easy to stick to the wall, cut and connectable at will. Even better, they can be chosen in a uniform color or in multiple colors scrolling to create a real light atmosphere!