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Table runners make their show

Table runners make their show

Plain or patterned, in fabric or lace, the table runner dresses our tables or tablecloths and is the essential accessory to brighten up our decoration while bringing it originality and refinement. Lovers of the table and its ornaments, let yourself be charmed by the selection we have reserved for you.


The French Jacquard Geometric figures take over the decoration of our tables for our greatest pleasure. Rounds, diamonds, squares, triangles or lines, the more there are, the better!

Flower power

Linvosges After the wave of liberty, the little wild flower gives way to more assertive patterns. Brightly colored flowers, stylized lines for more modernity and a most stunning visual effect. We love this table runner which will bring freshness and dynamism to your decor.

Loft spirit

Riga design Do you want to add a little New York loft touch to your decor? We put on this structured and graphic table runner subtly combining neutral colors and more vivid colors.


Delamaison Thinking of the stripes reserved for the marine style? Think again, this rectilinear pattern has more than one trick up its sleeve. Recognized as an essential decoration, it crosses the years and the seasons, preserving a timeless allure. Its asset? True chameleon, it can take many forms and create a different atmosphere on your table.


Ephemeral trend Subtly taking up the finesse and lightness of lace, this table runner with a total pink look will give your table decoration a feminine and very girly style. WE love !


Helline Born in the 16th century, the baroque movement continues to arouse interest in the world of decoration and decorates our interiors with elegance. Inspired by the attractions of the past but reinterpreted in an elegant and modern way, these sublime table runners with Renaissance motifs will not leave you indifferent.


Linvosges Want to boost your spring table decoration? Lemon, tangerine or aniseā€¦ the tangy and fruity colors of these sparkling table runners revisit the tradition of jacquard and will bring cheerfulness and freshness to all your summer meals.


Original wedding The chevron is the original and graphic motif that invites itself everywhere in the decoration department. In a small touch on one of our cushions, in total look on our rugs or on a section of the wall, it becomes the essential of the season. For a chic and modern table decoration, we put on this table runner with white and yellow geometric shapes.


Tracy Turpen Interesting idea is to integrate the old doilies on our grandmothers' crochet into the decoration of our tables. Aesthetic and could not be more vintage the assembly of the placemats to form a table runner is of the most beautiful effect!