Focus on the wood species of furniture

Focus on the wood species of furniture

Real creator of atmospheres, wood has always been an asset for interior design. From minimalist design to the chalet atmosphere through to the Scandinavian style, the wooden furniture adapts to any decor by bringing a unique warm touch. Something to be tempted when redeveloping your home! Pine, oak, cherry, beech ... for each species, the rendering is different, bringing a unique touch to the interior decor. In the same way, we will not choose the same essence for a wardrobe as for a side table! decipher for you the secrets of wood, this noble and timeless material.

An exceptional material

Rededition New or old, handcrafted or manufactured, the wooden layout is a source of well-being. Its softness and natural warmth as well as its ability to be transformed or prepared in a personal way make it an exceptional material. As the National Committee for the Development of Wood reminds us, the current range of wood fittings is as varied as it is customizable: it's up to you to find the species that best suits your tastes and your way of life!

Each style has its own wood essence

Ikea The wooden interior of today is plural. On the one hand, there is a certain taste for exoticism with red woods (rosewood, mahogany); on the other, a more sober trend, shared between precious and dark-looking woods (ebony) and brighter ranges in light woods (oak, birch, maple, beech) that recall Nordic interiors. We will opt for essences with dark shades for an ethnic or contemporary atmosphere, like this set proposed by the Swedish giant Ikea.

Fashion in decoration

Boconcept As in ready-to-wear, furniture experiences seasonality as well as fashions. The rustic style and its dark woods (walnut, acacia, cherry ...) was very much in vogue in the 1980s, followed by very clear essences (fir, beech) in the 1990s. Today's decor is a a clever blend of different species, with a preference for walnut, elm or the timeless oak. With the return in force of an authentic and natural style, inexpensive essences such as pine or birch are less popular today, but nevertheless remain present in our interiors.

The Oak

AM.PM Oak is a relatively expensive but very solid wood. Its natural durability (due to the significant presence of tannin in its fibers) and its aesthetics made it one of the favorites of cabinetmakers. Noble essence, the oak ages very well and goes well with all styles of decoration. Natural dark in color, oak wood can be stained to harmonize with your interior, but it is in its raw state that it remains the most beautiful.


Ikea Pine is the most affordable of the species of wood, but also the most susceptible to scratches and dents. Its apparent knots give a rustic appearance to the layout, which makes it a very popular wood for chalet or family home ambiances. Its light color is very widespread in our interiors because the pine is still a fairly durable wood and easy to customize (paint, patina, stain ...).

The chestnut

Boconcept The chestnut is a pretty wood with the appearance of oak, but with a less pronounced color and no mesh. With its semi-fine grain, this rather heavy and hard essence is perfectly suited to any type of furniture (interior or exterior).

Recuperation in vogue

Habitat Updated to the taste of the day, grandmothers' furniture is now the joy of antique dealers as well as individuals. For connoisseurs, the restoration of traditional furniture is a real art of living! Made of local wood (oak, walnut, acacia, pine, fir ...), antique furniture, like reissues, blends perfectly with a more current style. The Habitat brand has understood this taste for vintage by inaugurating this summer a space totally dedicated to its old recovery models near the famous Saint Ouen flea market.

Scandinavian design

Ikea Scandinavian design has an established reputation. Known for its strict, unadorned lines, it expresses the culture specific to the Nordic countries, where wood naturally finds its place. Economical and functional, the Scandinavian decoration traditionally uses woods with light essences, as opposed to long winter nights. Pine, fir, birch, beech, maple, light oak are combined in small touches with other materials of natural origin such as leather, stone or glass to form a cozy and chic whole.

Back to natural

AM.PM We are now considering wood as a return to nature, even an eco-citizen act in favor of sustainable development. The return of noble species, mixtures of materials to enhance the wood and the refined decor style are the main trends of the moment. After buying zapping, make way for responsible consumption.