The credenza is adorned with metal

The credenza is adorned with metal

In the kitchen, the splashback can be dressed in multiple materials but for a style that is both design and elegant, we choose metal. And to give you ideas, here are 5 kitchens that the metal splashback is sublime!

XXL credenza

Perene ### On the contrary, if you like metal and want to give a very designer side to your kitchen space, do not hesitate to opt for a very large metal splashback. Here, the splashback thus covers the entire wall part for a very chic effect.

A metal splashback for a retro style too

Darty ### If your kitchen has a slightly retro style, know that a metal splashback will also work! Indeed, metal will bring a modern touch but will go very well with retro furniture and stainless steel appliances.

A splashback for a graphic effect

Perene ### If you have a contemporary style kitchen and do not want the metal to become too present, you can also run the metal along the splashback without completely covering it. Stop halfway up to just protect from splashes and create a graphic style.

An original credenza with the mosaic

Stainless steel tiles ### Finally, if you want to make your splashback really original, head to a mosaic of stainless steel pieces that will bring shine and a unique pattern to your kitchen.