The art of sitting in the garden

The art of sitting in the garden

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If the garden rhymes with contemplation, contemplation rhymes with meditation, meditation with asking oneself and asking oneself with sitting down! So here we are, for a moment, take the time to sit down and do nothing. Stay tuned, observe, let go and disconnect from everyday hassles. And what better place than the joyful silence of a peaceful garden to indulge in this little pleasure? It is still necessary to be able to sit there! For this, for a moment, let us be seduced by the natural charm of wood and the ingenuity of certain artists.

Romantic wooden bench

Romantic at will, this pretty bench, sheltered from prying eyes, has certainly heard many confessions ... in love?

Simple and solid bench

J-F. Mahé Simplicity is de rigueur in the face of the imposing sobriety of the place.

Bench in plessis of hazel

J-F. Mahé Even if the lifespan of the work is probably limited, we can only salute the audacity of the gardeners in the realization of this magnificent bench of hazelnut.

Romantic bench called "you mine"

J-F. Mahé Adorable, this "you mine" is amazing in simplicity and ingenuity.

Bench of cut wood

J-F. Mahé Here that imposes, a bench of a single piece cut in the mass ...

Armchair in carved wood

J-F. Mahé… and here it is again in its "light" version

Bench carved from a tree trunk

J-F. Mahé Was it necessary to think about it for this clever bench cut out of a tree trunk?

Artist's bench in carved wood

J-F. Mahé Spur from the bow of a ship or just a bench? Magnificent piece of choice, which, without a doubt, alone gives rise to meditation.

Carved wooden spring swing

J-F. Mahé Even the little ones can take a break, in their own way. This pretty mouflon as a swing proves it.