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Touch wood in the decor!

Touch wood in the decor!

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To ward off the crisis, we take refuge in sure values! And if you don't have a gold bar, you can also opt for wood, a timeless and very trendy material in our interiors. In addition, it seems that it brings good luck to touch wood!

Log coat hooks

Ferm Living ### Hanging your clothes on pieces of wood may bring you good luck. The good news is that there are coat hooks that use pieces of wooden logs for an unusual effect on the wall.

A wooden lamp

Ferm Living ### The lights also opt for wood with wooden sconces behind which hides a bulb which will diffuse a warm light. You can just as easily place this light in the child's bedroom as in an entry or living room.

Flowers in logs

Ferm Living ### To push the natural side to the end, you can bet on vases and soliflores that hide in a log. The flowers will then feel completely in their place!

Cutting boards

Ferm Living ### For some time now, cutting boards have been very trendy, especially wooden models. Not only will they decorate your kitchen but you can also use it as a snaking board for TV sets.

At the time of the wood

Reine Mère ### Regarding clocks, the trend is also towards wood with very refined and design models. There is only a wooden board on which the needles are arranged and especially no numbers!

A candle in a log

Bougies la Française ### To warm up your interior, you can slip a tealight candle into a wooden tealight that looks like a small log. You can have it everywhere in the house for a very warm style.

Your fruits in wood

Reine Mère ### Always in the spirit of nature, keep your fruit in wooden baskets! It is the new trend for simplicity and naturalness for storage and food.

Design wooden objects

Edition under label ### And if you want to offer yourself an original piece for your interior, you will find many very refined wooden sculptures. Here, we present a bull and a cow that will be all the rage in your interior.