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Wallpaper for a raw spirit in the house

Wallpaper for a raw spirit in the house

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To give a raw style to the house, one can use the walls in a very simple way. Indeed, just cover them with trompe l'oeil wallpaper that will imitate brick, wood or even slate. Discover in images the achievements of raw wallpapers imagined by Christophe Koziel.

Chalk wallpaper

Homology ### To create an original wall in your living room, you can opt for a wallpaper that imitates a wall made of chalk blocks. The rendering is then striking without the wall being fragile or having roughness for a much more practical use.

Stone wallpaper

Homology ### For a style that is both classic but raw, bet on the wallpaper representing Haussmannian cut stones. The rendering is very refined and will adapt to all styles of decoration.

Slate wallpaper

Homology ### For an interior with character, choose wallpaper that imitates slate planks. The wallpaper then perfectly transcribes the appearance of the stone. The black color will not fail to bring elegance to the room.

Basalt wallpaper

Homology ### Finally, for a very raw style in the living room for example, bet on the trompe l'oeil wallpaper representing basalt layers. The different layers bring a very graphic style to the wall and the color does not lack elegance.