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Extra seats for a custom decoration

Extra seats for a custom decoration

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To meet the problem of small spaces but also multifunctional rooms, the extra seats are doing well by offering a decor that evolves according to your needs while giving style to the room. For a tailor-made decoration, we then adopt one of the ten extra seats, ottoman or other stool, which we have selected.

A pouffe for the entrance

Maisons du monde It is always practical to have a seat in the entrance to put on or take off your shoes. But to avoid taking up too much space with an armchair, we opt for an ottoman that can be moved as needed.

Poufs that serve as storage

La Redoute What if your booster seats could also give you a boost in terms of storage? With these small metal cans, you can sit throughout the house thanks to the handle which allows them to be moved easily and you can also store some things inside.

Poufs for an extra lounge

La Redoute Do you want to create a relaxation area other than around the sofa? You can install a few poufs in a corner of the room to settle in with a good book or with friends.

An armchair-style ottoman

Conforama Do you need an armchair but also want it to move easily? You will then bet on an XXL pouffe in a large cushion that will be very comfortable and can follow you around the house.

Some pillows stacked

Conforama To settle on the floor in a decorative and comfortable way, bet on the floor cushions. The secret to meet your needs? Multiply the cushions to manage the height of your seat in a jiffy.

A pouffe that turns into cushions

Fatboy Conversely, at Fatboy the pouffe is an assortment of three cushions held by a strap that you can separate to obtain three mini poufs to share with your family or your passing friends.

Cubic poufs to stack

Reversible You don't know what to do with your beanbags when you don't need them? No problem: these cubes stack up to form an original and very decorative decorative structure that will take up little space.

Low beanbags for the whole house

The swallow To create a certain unity in your decor while playing the practical card, multiply the poufs whether for the living room or the dining room by keeping the same model for a harmonious and tailor-made set.

A footrest in the living room

Conforama Alternative to the pouffe, the footstool can be a real ally in the living room. You can use it to sit and also as a side table. A real decoration chameleon so that your decoration meets all your needs.