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How about a white sofa?

How about a white sofa?

What if we changed the traditional colors of black and brown sofas in favor of a more unexpected color like white? If at first glance this color can be messy, it will nevertheless be very design and elegant in your interior. Here are some ideas for white sofas according to your style.

A white sofa for a classic style

Maisons du monde ### For a classic atmosphere, choose a white fabric sofa with beautiful cushions as a backrest. Opt for a very pure white sofa that you will marry with different darker shades of white.

A white sofa for a designer style

Fly ### For a design atmosphere, bet on a sofa that will integrate with fairly raw materials and a stripped-down atmosphere. You can then opt for a corner sofa that you will associate with white furniture as a reminder.

A white sofa for a warm style

Ikea ### Who says white doesn't necessarily mean cold! Indeed, a white sofa can give a very warm style to a living room. For this, choose a model with generous shapes and opt for a fabric covering. Feel free to use the white in the rest of the room to create a cocoon.

A white sofa for a pop style

Fly ### Finally, if you like colors and don't hesitate to combine blue, purple and red in your living room, know that a white sofa is also for you! The white leather sofa will then highlight the colors and vice versa.