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An ultra-design niche for Médor!

An ultra-design niche for Médor!

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When our dog's kennel has to find its place in our living room, the puzzle begins! Fortunately, there are also very designer niches that are sure to blend into our interior design. Zoom on 5 ultra design niches!

A niche at the end of the sofa

Creative sprout ### Whether it is for your dog or your cat, you can opt for a sofa end which is in fact a small niche where your animal will be entitled to a little privacy. Indeed, the interior of the furniture is empty to accommodate your companion without anyone suspecting that it is a niche.

A coffee table niche

Petsmood ### What if we hid the niche in the coffee table, right in the middle of the living room? It is in any case the idea of ​​Petsmood which offers a very design coffee table which accommodates a special cushion for resting animals.

A shelf niche

Petsmood ### For a very decorative spirit, we can mix the dog kennel with a shelf where to display decorative objects! The niche then becomes refined and elegant to blend in with the decor.

A design niche

Denhaus ### The niche is also changing shape at Denhaus! They indeed offer round or oval niches with openwork decorations to play it both decorative and pleasant for the animal. The niche then becomes a very designer piece of furniture that your animal will no doubt adopt.


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