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Cooking is becoming more professional

Cooking is becoming more professional

The kitchen cultivates beauty and functionality. With clean lines and ingenious furnishings, the kitchen follows trends and is inspired by the workspaces of great chefs. For the sake of professionalism, she is equipped with good modern and clever ideas.

Tips and Features

Castorama The elements that make up the kitchen are functional and clever. In stainless steel, the sink perfectly integrates two sliding and removable baskets to optimize space. This arrangement improves the organization when preparing a dish.

A clean and hygienic sink

Castorama In a "kitchen workshop" spirit, the presence of a black granite sink offers a sharpness in the decoration with a soft touch finish. Very resistant, it offers a great ability to create a universe of character in order to cook freely.

Efficient elements

Castorama For a clever and resolutely modern professional kitchen, choose elements combining efficiency and performance. The kitchen consists of a mixed system hood with an air flow of 480 m3 / h and composed of a metal grease filter, an induction hob for more aesthetics and a catalytic oven with pulsed heat for a well-equipped kitchen.

Adapted storage

Castorama For equipment worthy of a professional kitchen, the space incorporates innovative and practical solutions. Make storage easier by choosing accessories suitable for your utensils. In the kitchen, each element must be in place to keep a tidy and harmonious space.

A functional and aesthetic kitchen

Mobalpa Aesthetics and functionality, this space is adorned with sliding doors fitted with modular cells and modular dividers with a textilene bottom, to increase acoustic comfort, hygiene and design. Inspired by professional kitchens, the kitchen embellishes everyday life with innovative ideas and high-performance elements.

An exceptional design

Mobalpa The concealed handles, the sliding cupboards and the design of the decor underline the organization and functionality of the kitchen. All these elements elevate the kitchen to the rank of exceptional cuisine.

Like at the restaurant

Perene The Japanese art of living is the source of inspiration for this cuisine. Thanks to a U-shaped island integrating the cooking zone, the sink zone and the preparation zone, guests can admire the chef's work and thus admire the preparation of dishes.

Optimal organization

Perene To fully express your cooking skills, this decor brings together all the ingredients necessary for professional cooking. It allows an organization which is based on the principle of the chain of activities without going back: cutting, washing, preparation, cooking and dressing.

Equipment integrating innovation and technicality

Pro Chic and glamorous network, this kitchen expresses a particular sensitivity while integrating elements of a rare technicality. The latest generation equipment combined with a smooth front in particle board coated with structured melamine 4 thick edges matched in walnut and its brilliant white make this kitchen both aesthetic and innovative.