Architect's advice: how to arrange a small living room?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a small living room?

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The living room is the main living room of the house. You spend a good part of your time there, so even if its surface is small (between 9 m2 and 15 m2), its layout deserves special attention. To properly organize a small living room, do not hesitate to use and abuse decorative tips and space saving solutions. And above all, it is imperative to list their needs and prioritize the choice of furniture. Will the lounge rather be a place for relaxation, reception or work? The answer to this question conditions the arrangement and choice of furniture.

Create a small living room with recess

Angélique BLANC This small living room of 3.10 mx 2.63 m has an indentation offering it an additional 1.44 m2, but also making it difficult to arrange. This small room gives pride of place to clever and compact furniture. Here, no sofa, but modular armchairs, which form either a bench for one person, or several seats when you receive your guests. In the center, the nesting tables allow to save space and conviviality. Ultra practical, they multiply the surfaces without additional space on the ground. In the same vein, the television screen is embedded in the partition, making everything discreet.

Arrange a small living room with atypical contours

Angélique BLANC For the layout of this room of around 12.40 m2 with atypical contours, no sofa, no armchairs, not even poufs, but benches, which reinforce the cozy atmosphere of the volume initiated by its access. doing by two steps. Friendly and warm, the benches dressed with mattresses and cushions are also multifunctional since they contain numerous storage drawers in their lower part. No loss of floor space, and no loss of light due to high furniture.

Create a small family living room

Angélique BLANC For this family living room of 4 m x 3.70 m, the solution chosen is the L-shaped sofa, often ideal in a small living room because it eliminates the armchairs. The television screen finds its place in the corner, on a small low podium also serving as extra seating. In the opposite corner, a chair for reading is placed near the window and benefits from private lighting (floor lamp). The room is very bright, black and gray colors are allowed, and create a decorative unit making the space fluid and contemporary.