Decorative headboards for the little ones!

Decorative headboards for the little ones!

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If the star of the parents' room is the headboard, know that it is also all the rage in the children's room to give a decorative style to the whole room. To help you in your choice, here is a selection of headboards in reduced model.

A very glamorous headboard

Maisons du monde ### The quilt is also installed in children's rooms! And to give a touch of glamor for a star atmosphere, we put on the silver headboard which will have a small effect on aspiring singers and actresses.

A graphic headboard

La Redoute ### To give a style to the bedroom for little boys, we put on a simple headboard whose graphic pattern recalls a classic headboard. The white and blue duo will particularly appeal to boys.

A headboard with bars

La Redoute ### If the headboard with bars is not very comfortable, it is however very aesthetic. To remedy the problem of comfort, we choose the headboard where the bars are painted white on a gray background. The trompe l'oeil is very decorative!

A very girly headboard with bars

La Redoute ### In the same idea, we can also opt for a headboard with bars in trompe l'oeil version girl. The background is then fuschia pink and the design of the bars creates a princess bed spirit.

A classic headboard

La Redoute ### If we choose a classic headboard, we also prefer a trompe l'oeil model to create a playful effect in children's rooms. We put on an alliance of purple and white for a note of sweetness.