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Scratch code for kitchen and bedroom linen

Scratch code for kitchen and bedroom linen

In spring, the rise of flower patterns is not enough to shade the stripes. Timeless, the lines resist and persist. Depending on their color and thickness, they display elegance or spice up the decor. That's why we love them: in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the garden, the striped atmosphere gives a rhythm adapted to our desires and tastes. Adorned with scratches, table, bed and outdoor linens enhance the space.


Spirit The rectilinear bias of the cushions and the duvet raises the refined spirit of the bedroom. The orange color sparkles the decor while the wisely aligned features preserve the poetic sweetness of the space. On the beds and more than ever, stripes are popular!

Outdoor linen

Artiga By the sea or by the pool, we do not refuse the Atlantic color, especially if it is skillfully mixed with white and gray. Deckchairs and parasols are also adorned with stripes, because for strolling on weekends or during holidays, there is no exception to the straight code.

Table linen - Garden

Artiga On a white background, the orange, pink, yellow, blue and then green stripes create a sublime gradient that spices up the natural atmosphere of the garden. Here is a tablecloth that invites you to lunch.


Designers Guild Thin cobalt black stripes on a white background. In the bedroom, this subtle color combination gives the bed a harmonious and stylish look. Suddenly, the room looks great.

Table cloth

Artiga Warm colors are in the spotlight on this striped balcony, from chairs to trivets to cushions. Once again, the stripes show us all the colors without ceasing to enchant us even in our exteriors!

Sea and ocean kitchen linen

Couke In the kitchen, the decor is also available in sea and ocean versions. No, it is not the traditional navy blue. Here, the spirit of the open sea is out of the ordinary thanks to a soft marriage of blue, white and red. Not only is the finish full of freshness, but the 100% cotton tablecloth is easy to clean.