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Recreate a natural setting at home

Recreate a natural setting at home

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Do you want a warm and reassuring decoration? Nature style is for you! And to create it in your interior, certain accessories will not fail to help you. We decipher this atmosphere for you in order to give you the keys to a successful nature style.

A wood wallpaper

Koziel There are several ways to create the cabin style of decoration. You can indeed opt for wood that will decorate your walls but if you want to avoid the work, a wood effect wallpaper will do just as well. Bardaj Koziel wallpaper 21.90 euros

A mesh pouffe

La Redoute Undisputed trend in winter, the knitted pouffe settles in all seasons in a natural setting to highlight wool, a natural material par excellence. We choose it in beige or gray to refine the style. For braided round La Redoute 69.99 euros

A side table

Ikea In the living room, a side table will be both practical and decorative. Nature decor requires, we choose wooden. And if you want to give in to the retro trend, do not deprive yourself of a model with vintage lines. Lovbacken Ikea side table 49.99 euros

A paper suspension

Ikea Very airy and poetic, the paper suspensions are ideal for changing traditional lampshades. They offer a soft light perfectly suited to the nature style. All at a low price! Regolit Ikea pendant lampshade 1.95 euros

An "animal" rug

Fly To breathe nature into the floor and make your decor very warm, you can use a faux animal skin. And if you want a very cocooning interior to prepare for winter, faux sheepskin is ideal. Fly rug 59 euros

A comfortable chair

Maisons du monde To dress up your living room, don't settle for a sofa and add an armchair. You will choose it with a high backrest to maximize comfort. Style wise, dare green, THE natural color! Charlie Green Chair Maisons du monde 369 euros

Warm cushions

La Redoute And to accessorize armchairs and cushions, play with materials by offering yourself a faux fur cushion. Prefer to choose it plain and white so that it blends in with your decor. La Redoute cushion cover 59.99 euros

A natural dining room

Goal If your living room opens onto the dining room, know that it will also have to bet on nature style. For this, simply opt for a wooden table and chairs that do not deprive themselves of a sleek design. Woody Fly Table and Bicolour But Spoon Chair 359 euros and 59 euros

A wooden suspension

Maisons du monde And so that the dining room is also under the sign of nature style, we place above the table a beautiful rattan pendant which will provide a warm light. Natura suspension 69 euros