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Decorative boxes to store everything

Decorative boxes to store everything

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True tote bags, boxes are good for us in the house! Whether it's electrical cables, jewelry, shoes, work supplies, off-season clothing or even cookies, when it's hidden, it's stored away! We therefore adopt them by dozen at home to screen disorder. And since we are there, we might as well choose pretty models that will blend harmoniously into the decor. Demonstration.

Painted bamboo

Fly ### Enough jewelry lying around in the bathroom or in the bedroom? Opt for a discreet and handy little box! Delicately braided with black painted bamboo, this round model has everything to convince us…


Paragraph ### It is not only during moves that we adopt large cardboard boxes! Available in the form of a solid stool despite all prejudices, this striped model in black and white displays a graphic look that has guts! In addition, he hides some work supplies: pens, notebooks, pencils ... It is not for nothing if the office seems so orderly!

Made of metal

Ikéa ### The kitchen also has the right to decorative boxes! As our grandmothers already did, we in turn store cookies and delicacies in pretty metal models whether retro, pop or poetic. At tea time, we open the lid like we would open a gift ...


Ikéa ### A classic box but labeled to better navigate it, we say yes! All the more reason when it comes to storing his many pairs of shoes…