We were there for you: Bouchara, Society, Gien… unveil their new products for this winter

We were there for you: Bouchara, Society, Gien… unveil their new products for this winter

This morning, the decor editorial went to the presentation of the new winter collections from Monde Sauvage, Bouchara, Society, Faïencerie de Gien… with the addition of a newcomer from the north: Broste Copenhagen! A colorful decor tour that promises to wake up the house in the heart of winter.

Other association to soften winter

Le Monde Sauvage The softness of pale pink is combined with black and aqua blue where the plains rub shoulders with the patterns. Here, the new Cheyenne cushion with graphic patterns enhances the whole. We crack!

Carpets are also popular

Le Monde Sauvage (still at Le Monde Sauvage) The rugs also display graphic patterns inspired by Berber rugs. But unlike the latter they are not made of wool but of a natural fiber braided by hand in India.

At table !

Gien La Faïencerie de Gien takes a new, more playful and offbeat turn that caught our eye! Candlesticks recycled from teapot handles, salad bowls diverted into chandeliers, plates with heritage motifs ... The bet is successful!

Heart stroke !

Gien La Faïencerie de Gien comes out of its archives of old models to publish them again in a "biscuit" version which gives them a matt appearance. Superb! And good news: they can be installed outside since they have an acrylic enamel that resists bad weather.

Color at Society

Society Society emphasizes color. Acid green, musk green or mud green are treated in monochrome on textiles. The only exception is the cushions which display more fanciful patterns in order to awaken the whole.

The new kid: Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen In line with the Scandinavian decor, Broste Copenhagen displays the sobriety and clean lines of the Nordic style! Small furniture, copper accessories, candles, baskets will enchant your interior.


Broste Copenhagen We really liked these Broste Copenhagen white marble trays. As aesthetic as practical, they are multifunctional. Can be used as a flat rest, tray or cutting board, they will find their place in the kitchen as well as the dining room or the living room.

Paola Navone creates the new Dominique Kieffer collection

Dominique Kieffer The colorful universe of designer Paola Navone prints on textiles with a palette full of energy composed of orange, fuchsia pink, neon yellow. Color unexpectedly takes hold on fabrics and objects.

Christmas is celebrated in gray at Bouchara

Bouchara For Christmas, gray reigns supreme! It is associated with red by keys. In a traditional version, it is adorned with motifs inspired by the mountain. Snowflakes, hearts, chalets, deer are there!