Smoke detectors: our selection

Smoke detectors: our selection

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Do not wait until March 2015 and the Morange law, which makes it mandatory to install a smoke detector, to equip yourself because this device can save lives and is not so restrictive to install. There are even decorative versions for the most recalcitrant! To help you make your choice, we have selected 8 models to discover in pictures.

The Kidde smoke detector

Kidde Small in size, Kidde white smoke detectors are installed discreetly on the ceiling while guaranteeing optimal safety thanks to their test button which allows you to check that the battery is working properly. In fact, some models offer a battery with a lifespan of 10 years so that you don't have to worry about this detail for a long time.

The Smoky nano detector

Smoky Nano This smoke detector is undoubtedly the smallest on the market thanks to its size which does not exceed that of a golf ball. It is simply installed using two fixing screws and will be reliable thanks to a battery with a lifespan of 5 years.

Avidsen smoke detector

Avidsen Made in France, this autonomous smoke alarm detector will bring you security and serenity thanks to an easy installation which requires only a few minutes, an integrated siren of 85dB and an audible and visual alarm when you need to change the battery.

Avidsen's optical smoke detector

Avidsen With this smoke detector, the detection is done by optical sensor in order to obtain a rapid reactivity of the device. Its built-in siren is powerful and a protective grid prevents false alarms to ensure comfort and security.

Myxyty smoke detector

Myxyty Myxyty offers autonomous smoke detectors which can also be coupled with a home automation box. Result, if smoke is detected during your absence, you are notified on your smartphone in order to react as quickly as possible.

The Kupu smoke detector

Jalo Helsinki Very easy to install, this smoke detector is simply fixed with an adhesive strip. It also has a nice sleek design available in color which does not detract from its performance.

The Lento smoke detector

Jalo Helsinki Do you want your smoke detector to play the originality card? Treat yourself to this model which takes the shape of a butterfly as well as very original colors. It too is fixed with an adhesive strip and the battery life is 5 years.

The Chick a Dee smoke detector

Chick a Dee And for an even more romantic atmosphere, you can treat yourself to this little bird on a branch that is none other than a smoke detector. Complies with European standards, it attaches to the ceiling and operates using rechargeable batteries. ** Attention: Recall of the serial numbers CHI-02DZ, CHI-02DW, CHI-02DB, CHI-02DP. Barcode: 8718104100060. Date of manufacture: 04/09/2011. Problem: The sensitivity to smoke is insufficient and the alarm volume is too low. Do not use it and contact the website where you purchased it. **


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