5 original accessories for our animal friends

5 original accessories for our animal friends

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Design and decoration are not just for animals! Indeed, the accessories for our dogs, our cats and other animals are very aesthetic to find a real place in our interiors. Here are 5 original accessories that settle in your home!

A placemat for animals

Chilewich ### If your pet tends to put food next to his bowl, you will be seduced by the placemat for dog or cat! It is simply placed under the bowl to avoid splashing and other stains on the floor. And then it's decorative!

Giant pots for cats

Petsmood ### Design has truly entered the animal domain with the Petsmood brand, which reveals beds for animals, each more original than the last. For cats, who like the height, we put on this sculptural and very design bedding.

A coffee table for dogs

Petsmood ### For our dog friends, Petsmood offers a coffee table that contains a space for your small dogs with a very comfortable cushion. The dog's space is then chic and camouflaged in the middle of your living room.

A design henhouse or hutch

D'home Productions ### In the garden also animals have the right to design! If you have a hen or a rabbit, you can install it in this very design object which is none other than a flower pot which can accommodate your animal. It will also have a small garden to enjoy the outdoors.


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