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Feminine bathrooms

Feminine bathrooms

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A feminine atmosphere in the bathroom is possible. We focus on color, the choice of furniture and accessories. Demonstration with these 5 atmospheres full of sweetness and romance!


Paragraph ### A black chandelier decorated with tassels as lighting, skincare products wisely displayed on the shelves, poppies in a vase, a marriage of taupe and string gray tones for the walls and the shower screen: here , everything has been designed to create a feminine and refined atmosphere.


Fly ### Demonstration of a bathroom that exudes feminine softness. The open cross furniture gives it a little boudoir air, the driftwood lamp accentuates its natural side. A vase filled with flowers fits perfectly into this white / cream decor. The whole is light, inviting to relax…


Espace Aubade ### Here is a bathroom with a very feminine atmosphere. First of all, we count the sorbet color of the walls, proof that pink remains an infallible shade for ladies and young ladies! And to complete it all, the generous floral touch and the clean lines of the furniture are not too much.


Cédéo ### The powdery color of the walls and the linen visually dominates the decor to set the tone: that of a romantic, light, soft and feminine room. To this very subtle color code are added finely chosen decorative elements: a lion-footed bathtub or a marble and wrought iron pedestal table. Elegance above all!