5 ideas to hang your plants at home

5 ideas to hang your plants at home

If winter has not yet said its last word, incipient desires of spring and flowering are already waiting for us. The opportunity to look at one of the most popular plant staging: hanging plants in the house.

Hanging, but upside down

Sabz ### This is the new trend: depolluting plants hanging from top to bottom! A stunning appearance that requires much less watering than for a conventional plant ... Favorite!

A green wall

Ikéa ### Another idea for hanging plants: opt for a green wall! Different options are available to you: you can create it yourself by hanging a multitude of generous plants on a vertical support, or adopt a plant table!

A colored steel wall pot holder

Truffaut ### This all red pot holder by Truffaut is fixed against the wall to accommodate a series of 5 hanging plants. A nice plant support that will not go unnoticed in the house!

Cloth pot holders

Sabz ### Available at Sabz, these ladder-like fabric holders create the illusion of a small perched garden ... in the living room. We're breathing!