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Kitchen utensils to make children love vegetables

Kitchen utensils to make children love vegetables

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Spinach, broccoli, beets, leeks and other cabbage ... vegetables are often the bete noire of children. If your child also balks at his plate of vegetables, no need to go by force. Many daring and practical kitchen utensils exist that will allow you to trick easily. Demonstration!

A Star Wars mold

Bento & co If your child is an unconditional fan of the Star Wars Saga, this is a mold that should not leave him indifferent. If it is initially intended to accommodate our hard-boiled eggs, it can also be transformed into a practical accessory for the preparation of our vegetable dishes. To do this, simply fill its molds with its preparation and put them in the freezer. At the opening of the mold, you will discover a character from Star Wars that you will just have to brown in a little oil. Nice isn't it? Star Wars egg molds: 6, 90 euros

Funny stoves

Wraith Of East Thanks to these small pans in the shape of a heart, star, bear or strawberry, your toddlers will finally ask you for vegetable omelettes. Peel and finely chop your vegetables, vigorously whisk your eggs in a salad bowl, then stir in the frying pan and gently mix with a spatula. Your kids will love it! Mini pan: € 14.44

Chewable cookie cutters

Studio B-M As you can see, being tricky about the presentation can be a good way to get your children to eat vegetables. And with these cookie cutters in the shape of a chicken thigh and sausage, it really becomes child's play. Your molded vegetable preparation, all you have to do is make a quick return trip on your plancha… and that's the job. 3 Donkey cookie cutters: 12.95 euros

Stencils to adopt

DOIY Design To camouflage the air of nothing, think of bringing these small practical stencils in the shape of a deer's head, heart and mustache. If they are traditionally used to decorate our hot drinks, you can just as easily adopt them to hide your vegetable dishes. Hip coffee Place stencil A 9.90 euros

A diamond roller

Habiague You can also count on this cross roller which allows perfect grids to be made in the dough. A smart tip that will allow you to easily hide the vegetables in your dish underneath. Habiague diamond roller: 11.90 euros

An engraved rolling pin

ValekRollingPins Who would have thought that a rolling pin could help us make our children eat their vegetables. And yet it is possible thanks to this model engraved with patterns of small cats. Where to simply divert the attention of our toddlers! Rolling pins engraved with LekRollingPins Cats motif: 30 euros

An Eskimo mold

Ikea Your children love ice cream and other sorbets, how about adding a few vegetables to your fruit sorbet recipe? Once you have made your mixture, all you have to do is place everything in Eskimo molds and put them in the refrigerator so that they solidify. Your toddlers will only see fire! Chosigt Ikea iced stick mold: 2, 50 euros

A cakepops machine

Bestron Forgotten chocolate or strawberry cakepops that your little ones love. Make it original by offering them a vegetable cake to taste with your fingertips. Once your preparation is done, cook it for a few minutes in the dedicated molds of your cakepops machine. Once ready, all you have to do is unmold them, plant them on a spike and customize them. Bestron 3-in-1 Cakemaker: 40, 15 euros

A pop cake mold

Lékué If you are not lucky enough to have this type of device at home, you may as well swap it with a special pop cake mold. Mini budget, maximum effect! Lékué silicone pop cake mold: 17.28 euros

Cut the vegetables into thin strips

Spiralfix It is well known, children do not like vegetables! However, eating a balanced diet remains an imperative for healthy growth! If your child finds their carrots or zucchini a little sad, transform them into delicious and fine spirals thanks to Gefu Spiralfix. Gefu, Spiralfix vegetable cutter, € 39.90

Chop the vegetables

Greenweez Hide your children's vegetables on their plates with Veggichop. It allows you to chop and cut all your vegetables and herbs gently and without spraying them. Chef'n Veggichop manual mincer, € 27.90

A mixer

Bamix Because children generally appreciate soft textures, we opt for a blender. Hot in winter or cold in summer, so mixed together, you can easily sauté many vegetables. Bamix M140 mixer, from 125 euros

Customize vegetables

Deglon Thanks to the Deglon cookie cutter, you can show originality by decorating your food in the shape of a heart. Deglon cookie cutter, 21.69 euros

Take care of your presentation

Deglon You liked to cut your fruits and vegetables in the shape of a heart, then you will love to give them an original look. Thanks to the Deglon knife, anything is possible! Deglon knife, 50.64 euros

Reconcile pleasure and healthy eating

Seb With its spherical shape and its timeless lines, it is sure, the ActiFry Express XL will not leave you indifferent! To control both the quantity and the qualities of fat intake as part of a balanced diet, nutritionists and engineers Seb have created the famous little green spoon which allows you to measure the right amount of oil. This exclusive technique which also applies to equally tasty preparations based on meats, fish, vegetables and fruits makes it possible to reconcile gluttony and healthy food. Seb, oil-free fryer Actifry Express XL, from € 219

A pencil sharpener for fruits and vegetables

Ali Express Does your child like spaghetti? Play the diversion card with the Spirelli vegetable trimmer. Clever, it will allow you to make vegetable spaghetti in a jiffy. Gefu Spirelli vegetable trimmer, around 23 euros

Cubes and sticks in no time

Moulinex Intended to seduce demanding people who want beautiful and good results in no time, Fresh Express Cube & Stick by Moulinex revolutionizes cutting at home. This electric mandolin signed Moulinex combines high precision cutting with ease of use. Cut in this way, your pieces of cabbage will no longer see vegetables in the same way! Moulinex, Fresh Express Cube & Stick, from 90 euros

Decorate the plate

Deglon Having children eat vegetables is sometimes a real headache ... even an impossible mission! Thanks to the Deglon cinnamon maker, no more tears at dinner time. Decorated in this way, the vegetables will immediately appear more attractive and appetizing to your children. Deglon fluting machine, 12.34 euros

Involve the child

WMF Introducing your children to cooking can be a fun way of making children discover and appreciate vegetables. Wash the zucchini, season the carrots, go out to pick fresh chives in the garden or wash the salad: put it to work and entrust it with tasks suited to its age when preparing meals. He will be proud to have participated and will take all the more enthusiasm to taste what he has prepared! Set of 2 kitchen utensils for children, around 20 euros


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